‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Reveals When He Would Like to End the Show

by John Jamison

All good things must come to an end. And despite the seemingly endless expanse of the Alaskan wilderness and the Brown family’s rural Washington property, Alaskan Bush People is no exception. Bear Brown doesn’t want that to happen anytime soon, though.

With all of the tragedy that has struck the Brown family in the past few years, one would think they’d be ready to call it quits on Alaskan Bush People. Things haven’t been easy, from the sudden and tragic death of family patriarch Billy Brown to the fire that swept through their Washington home. After all, the family dedicated the current season to the memory of the late Billy Brown. It seems like a natural bookend to the reality series he started back in 2014.

Bear Brown recently did an email interview with Distractify in which he discussed his father’s legacy and talked about the future of Alaskan Bush People.

“Final season in mind? Maybe when I’m like 99 on my deathbed, but then hopefully, the show will continue with the next generation! That’d be pretty cool, a literal generational reality show, so a stopping date for me? Nope, as long as everyone enjoys watching it,” Bear wrote.

Fans are certainly relieved by the long-term plans Bear Brown has in mind. But whether or not the youngest generation of Browns wants to continue that legacy remains to be seen. Hopefully, Alaskan Bush People will enjoy continued success so that the decision is theirs to make.

Bear Brown Called Current Season of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ the ‘Hardest’ One Yet

Of course, by the time new episodes are released, the Brown family has already been through whatever hardships are depicted on screen. Bear Brown referred to that period of time as the most difficult he’s ever experienced. And having a camera crew present to document such a rough time probably doesn’t make things easier.

“Yes, it’s by far been the hardest season or thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. One thing you will get to see you though is how we continue to persevere even in our darkest time and stay together as the Wolfpack, and continue to build a truly self-sustainable home for the future,” Brown continued in the interview.

What could make things even more difficult is the prospect of having to watch back through all those challenging moments. Bear, for one, has no interest in stepping into the role of audience member yet. However, the emotional nature of the current Alaskan Bush People season isn’t stopping the entire Brown family.

“I haven’t been watching the new season; I can’t right now, but I will one day! My mom and a couple [of] other family members are watching it though when they get the chance!” wrote Bear Brown.