‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Reveals His ‘Cowboy Movie’ Title in Western Photo

by Amy Myers

Coming to theaters this fall, the former Alaskan Bush People member stars in the Western documentary, “The Ballad of Matt Brown: Never Give Up, Never Surrender.”

At least, that’s what Brown dreams of hearing in his recent Instagram post. Taking a break from his usual, up-beat vlog entries, the oldest Alaskan Bush People sibling graced his followers with a black-and-white photo of himself dressed for a “cowboy movie.”

In the spirit of the 2020 Olympics, Outsider decided to rate Brown’s cowboy look out of a possible 10 points. Ready for a head-to-toe rundown? Let’s see how the Alaskan Bush People star scored.

Outsider Scores ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star’s Cowboy Ensemble

Starting at the top, we love Brown’s black cowboy hat. The wide, flat brim is traditional Western. And while a belt or some sort of accent around the top would have been exciting, we appreciate the classic look that says a cowboy doesn’t need any frills. Moving forward, the sunglasses around his neck aren’t very Yellowstone-like. Although, the blanket on his shoulder is something we could definitely see in John Dutton‘s house.

His button-down shirt looks a little too proper for a down-in-the-dirt cowboy, but we give him points for tucking it into his jeans. The Alaskan Bush People star’s sidearm is tucked neatly in its hip holster and we believe he has a muzzleloader by his side (see the ramrod below the barrel), but there is one jarring detail that we can’t ignore. The knife is a nice touch to his deadly ensemble, but at the angle it’s stowed, Brown is begging for a robber to grab it straight off his belt.

No one can put up a fight about Brown’s iconic American denim, but there is some trouble afoot—or rather, on his foot. While his hiking boots are surely sturdy, they don’t scream Western. In fact, we don’t know many cowboys that would ride a horse in such bulky footwear. Cowboy boots are more than just the perfect honky-tonk accessory. Their smooth soles and narrowed toes are specifically designed to fit the stirrups of a saddle. So, for our dear Alaskan Bush People star, we might have to take off some points for practicality.

The Results Are in…

With stars Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan absolutely killing the caballero game, it’s hard to score a perfect 10 out of 10 on our very official cowboy scale. However, with all of the classic elements that the Alaskan Bush People star included, we happily award his ensemble 8.5 out of 10 points. Maybe after Brown catches up on Yellowstone, he’ll come back with a photo that captures a perfect 10.