Alex Trebek’s Son Only Kept One Item from His Father’s Wardrobe

by Charles Craighill

Since becoming the host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek has made a name for himself outside of the television show for his philanthropic ways. He constantly wished to give back more than he took and to go out of his way to help people rather than malign them. Following in the memory of this giving spirit, Trebek’s family decided to donate almost his entire wardrobe from the show to charity. The only piece left behind? One single tie.

That one tie, as TJ Holmes of Good Morning America explains, was a special tie given to Alex Trebek by his wife. For that reason, Matt Trebek, Alex’s son, decided to hold onto it. Other than that one piece of clothing, Trebek’s family donated the entirety of the Jeopardy! wardrobe to the Doe Foundation.

This charitable organization provides suits and dress clothes to formerly incarcerated men trying to get back on their feet. So now, due to the Trebek family and their kindness, men trying to bounce back from prison will attend job interviews wearing a piece of the Jeopardy! wardrobe.

Alex Trebek’s Family Continues his Legacy

Since Alex Trebek passed away in November after battling pancreatic cancer, his family has had a tough time learning to be a family of three. Trebek truly was the rock of the family for wife Jean, son Matt, and daughter Emily. Now that he has passed away, the family continues to find ways to let his philanthropic legacy live on.

“Losing our father, my mom’s husband, he was the one that kind of spearheaded and guided our family,” Matt Trebek said of his father, Alex Trebek on Good Morning America. “It’s definitely been an adjustment, but fortunately my mom and my sister and I are all very close. We remember him and keep trying to move on together.”

“This kind of fits into what he believed in passing along kindness to others,” Matt Trebek continued about the donation to the Doe Foundation. “It’s nice to see that it will continue even after he is gone.”

His Final Giving Act

Another testament to his philanthropic legacy was Trebek’s final living act. Before his passing in November, Alex Trebek wrote a memoir. He decided that all profits from his memoir would go straight to charity. He was able to publish that memoir in July, just a few months before his passing.