Alex Trebek’s Son Opens Up About How Trebek Family Is ‘Hanging In There’ After Father’s Death

by Will Shepard

Alex Trebek’s son, Matthew Trebek, opens up about how his family is doing since the death of his father. Recently, the Trebek family decided to donate many of his suits to charity.

Consequently, Matt Trebek went on the Good Morning America show to talk about his father, Alex Trebek’s legacy. During the interview, he talks about several things but mentions specifically how the Trebek family is dealing with the loss of the legend.

Ever since the world lost Alex Trebek, it seems a little weirder. The iconic game show host passed away at 80 years old after battling pancreatic cancer for almost two years.

Now, though, his legacy is being carried on by his family, and his son is sharing his thoughts on how the Trebek family is doing. There is certainly a massive void left by the Jeopardy! host, and one that won’t be filled anytime soon.

Alex Trebek’s Son Talks About How the Family Is Handling His Death

All of the suits that Alex Trebek’s family is donating are heading to inmates who are job hunting. This is the latest goodwill gesture that the family is doing to honor the memory of the late game show host.

One of the hosts, TJ Holmes, sat down virtually with Matt Trebek to ask him a few questions about the family. He begins by asking how the family is holding up.

“We’re good. We’re hanging in there. Losing my father, my mom, obviously, her husband, kind of the one who spearheaded and guided our family. It definitely has been an adjustment, but fortunately, my mom, my sister, and I are all very close. So, we’re good. We remember him and keep trying to move on together.”

As Good Morning America says, Alex Trebek’s family is still figuring out how to cope without him by their side. It is certainly weird for them, and they are still trying to find their way without him.”

Life moves on, and the best they can do is remember him fondly. Although death is an incredibly hard thing to cope with, Alex Trebek’s family is doing well, and the world is certainly behind them.