Alyssa Milano Speak Out About Winter Storm, Power Outages in Texas

by Thad Mitchell

Star actress Alyssa Milano has Texas on her mind as the state continues battling a winter storm wreaking havoc on its residents.

The 48-years-old actress has starred in dozens of movies and television shows through her career spanning more than three decades. She is most noted for her role on the sitcom “Charles in Charge,” as well as other shows like “Melrose Place” and “charmed.”

Milano took to social media on Wednesday to declare her willingness to help out the currently frozen state of Texas. Many Texans have been without power for several days and are unable to travel due to harsh road conditions. Sub-freezing temperatures have kept the snow and ice from melting, leaving Texas in a state of emergency.

Milano used multiple social media sites to put the word out that she and others are willing and ready to help when called upon. She first took to Instagram and then Twitter to offer up her service to those struggling in midst of the catastrophic event. Including a photo of a snow and ice-covered Texas neighborhood, she attempts to round up support.

“Texas! I’m thinking of you!” she says in the post. “Anyone looking to help the great people of Texas you can follow @betoorourke for news, ways you can help and resources. He is personally making calls with his Powered by People to Texans to make sure they are ok.”

Alyssa Milano Calls on National Leaders to Aid Texas

Milano then doubles down with an additional social media post on twitter. She says her Twitter thread shows that more and more people are in need of help. She tags several public officials in her post in an attempt to draw attention to the matter.

“All of my friends in Texas — checking in — how are you doing through this?” she asks in the tweet. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

She then tags national officials such as President Joe Biden, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former representative Beto O’Rourke.

Milano is far from the only celebrity or public figure to offer up help for Texas residents. Others have also called for aid and assistance to the state.