‘American Chopper’: Meet Paul Teutul’s Son, Dan, Who Took Over Father’s Original Building Company

by Matthew Memrick

When “American Chopper” figurehead Paul Teutul Sr. became focused on bikes, his son took over Orange County Ironworks and turned it into “an empire.”

According to his website, Dan Teutul restructured Orange County Iron into Orange County Ironworks in 2004. The same year, Dan Teutul started a structural steel erection company called Gabriel Steel Erectors, Inc. Both companies complement the steel pieces’ design, fabrication, and erection.

Dan Teutul built a 55,000-square foot steel fabrication shop to expand his Orange County Ironworks operation six years later. The Montgomery, N.Y. location sits on 25 acres. 

Some of the company’s other New York City projects were: One World Trade Center, The Apple building, and the Museum of Modern Art. The company has also worked on projects at LaGuardia and JFK airports.

‘American Chopper’ dad, Dan Teutul alike

In a 2009 CNBC interview, Paul Teutul Sr. explained Dan’s takeover of the steel business.

“Danny is totally different than everybody else,” Paul Teutul Sr. said. “He’s me. He’s an aggressive go-getter, self-efficient, self-reliant person.”

Senior explained that he bangs heads with Danny “because we’re both alike.”

But the father gives his son credit for all that he’s done.

“He created his own empire.”

However, the two do not work together.

“It’s almost the same kind of a situation with Paulie, but it’s different,” Senior said. “Because when you, when you have that drive, you’re strong-headed, and you get two guys together that are strong-headed, it doesn’t make for good, it doesn’t make (a) good relationship, you know?”

According to the Middletown (N.Y.) Times Herald-Record, Dan Teutul’s O.C. Iron Works bankruptcy case had started in July 2005. In 2008, Dan Teutul had to pay $500,000 to settle claims that it ripped off its creditors.

According to the newspaper, when the Teutuls built the OCC headquarters in 2004, they advertised the other family business, OCI, on one the side of the building.

A company trustee alleged that the Teutuls “devised” a scheme to “hinder, delay and defraud” the iron company’s creditors. The paper reported that O.C. Iron Works assets moved to Orange County Ironworks LLC in 2004. However, the trustee accused the new company of not “paying fair compensation.” After the move, the Teutuls declared the O.C. Iron Works company bankrupt, leaving “creditors empty-handed.  

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Paul Teutul Sr. is worth $500,000. There is no listing for Daniel Teutul.

‘American Chopper’ To Return?

Over the years, fans have begged for the series to return with no luck.

In August of 2020, a two-hour “American Chopper: The Last Ride” special aired.

According to FutonCritic.com, the special revolved around Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. rebuilding their relationship enough to take on one last bike together in a drama-packed show. At the same time, two revisit and reminisce the old OCC building before its demolition.

However, the Hudson Valley Post reported the Teutuls opened a new museum/restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. With the new digs, the TV show ideas could start flowing.