‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Reflects on ‘Good Times’ in New Video

by Chase Thomas

You might not consider Paul Teutul Sr., the star of American Chopper, as a sentimental guy, but you would be mistaken. Teutul took to his personal Instagram page to highlight the “good times” over the years. It included moments on the show and in his own personal life.

Just the other day, Teutul was having a grand ole time, watching his two pups wrestle on the front porch. He’s certainly living his best life, as they say.

Over the past few weeks, his Instagram account has highlighted little things like this. The slideshow that he posted today is the perfect tribute to his career to this point. It features all the wonderful memories he has made both at the shop, on the television show and at home.

American Chopper in the spotlight

The biggest thing about the American Chopper star of late in the news, outside of his Instagram adventures, is that he moved the headquarters of their business operation several months back ago. It went from the coldness of New York to the warmness of Florida.

In an interview with WKRG, the founder of OCC said of the move to Florida that it was something they were thinking about for some time. This decision to leave New York for Florida was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, whatsoever.

Could we possibly see taped episodes of the show in Florida? “Yes, you will,” Teutul Sr. told the news station in the interview.

The restaurant and museum opened in June. One of the coolest parts about the venue is that they dedicated an entire area of the sot to honor September 11 victims. The American Chopper said why they elected to honor the victims in this fashion,“We just felt we needed to do something for it and that’s what we did.”

What next for American Chopper?

How cool is that, Outsiders? It’s the little gestures and things like this that go a long way. It contributed to why the show became such a hit for so many years.

On the OCC Roadhouse Museum, he said, “I really like the fact that this is like a final resting place. People will get to see this and they’ll get to enjoy it.”

It’s clear from his answers here that this is the last planned move for Teutul. The headquarters is now down in Florida. The restaurant and museum are now down in Florida and the plan is to shoot more material in Florida. Fans might come to miss OCC and the New York setting on the program. However, based on his comments above and his Instagram postings, the American Chopper star is quite at peace with his decisions and future. The show began 18 years ago in 2003.