‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Is Double Trouble with Matching Bobble Head

by Shelby Scott

“American Chopper” fans typically identify show star Paul Teutul Sr. by his sunglasses and iconic street sweeper mustache. While the show’s patriarch relocated himself and his business to Florida, away from his native Yonkers, New York, we caught Sr. causing double the trouble alongside his look-alike bobblehead.

And the similarities are quite striking.

The humorous clip has no doubt brought “American Chopper” fans ultimate joy and laughs. Though we can definitely tell by the clip that Sr. enjoyed this little bit of fun as well. The bobblehead matches Teutal Sr.’s persona to a tee, while the sunglasses and mustache perfectly identify the toy as Paul Teutul Sr.

“Had some fun with this one,” he shared.

As far as fans’ response to the pair goes, they simply commented back with a lot of clapping, praising, heart, and fire emojis. We can only assume this means they enjoyed Sr.’s post, as well as the bobblehead, as much as we did.

“American Chopper” Star Dedicated to Veteran Causes

We can clearly tell “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. enjoys some downtime every now and then. However, he is also not all fun and games. Though frequent “American Choppers” viewers probably know that from the start.

Regardless, as the United States came upon the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Sr. shared a heartfelt tribute to attack victims on his Instagram. The photo features Teutul Sr. atop one of his numerous custom rides. Captioning the photo, “Never forget,” he dedicated his ride to those fallen first responders and civilians that perished in the 2001 attacks.

While captured at a little bit of a distance, we can clearly tell the custom bike sports a meaningful depiction of the Twin Towers prior to their downfall on 9/11. It lies atop an American flag patterned field, a 20-year badge marking the anniversary. At the bottom corner of the depiction lie the words, “911: Never Forget.”

Currently, the post boasts a total of more than eleven thousand likes, with fans expressing their gratitude for the meaningful tribute.

Paul Teutul Sr. Shares a Host of Passions

Among the “American Chopper” star’s love for bikes and country, he, like many other people, boasts a multitude of passions. One of those appears to be dogs.

In a recent post, Teutul Sr. photographed his dog Chester cooling down in the most American way possible. The humorous photo shows the lounging pup sprawled in the bucket of one of Teutul’s John Deere tractors, seemingly cooling off in the water collected there.

The “American Chopper” star captions the post, “I forgot to fill Chester’s pool this morning, lucky thing the bucket had water in it.”

On another occasion, we caught Sr. posing with one cool dude, another iconic pup half Chester’s size with twice the personality. The sweet photo captures a bulgy-eyed dog sporting a spiked helmet with the name Harley emblazoned across, a leather vest, and the happiest of grins.

While Paul Teutul Sr. keeps a harsh outer shell, there’s no doubt he really is a softy.