‘American Chopper’: Watch Paul Teutul Sr. Take the Stage with Musicians: ‘These Guys Rock’

by Jonathan Howard

Since he isn’t building the world’s most insane bikes all the time anymore, American Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr is out and about. It appears he took in some live music the other day.

In a recent post on Instagram, it looks like the patriarch of the Teutul family was enjoying some fun music and possibly some dancing. It looks like in this video, that there is a dance floor in front of the two-man band on the small stage. Both took a little time to mess with the biker a bit as well. Check it out below.

He captioned the video with just a simple three words. “These guys rock.”

Everyone loves going out, getting a bit to eat or a good drink, and listening to some live music. There is nothing like having the real thing right in front of you. Even if it is two grandpas, these guys do indeed rock. It looked like the American Chopper star was bound to lean into a mic and start singing himself.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear Senior’s vocals. There were fans in the replies approving of the video and sending other positive comments. Some wished him a happy weekend, others just replied with a series of emojis. Those little local spots where two old men are playing guitar are the best places to find yourself, right Outsiders?

While Teutul isn’t slapping together motorcycles with insane art and modification on TV, he is still working with his hands. With all the knowledge that he has in the shop, it has allowed him to work on other projects.

What ‘American Chopper’ Star Did in His ‘Other Life’

On his Instagram page, Paul Teutul Sr is always posting updates on his life. Of course, he still works with his hands a lot. He has a whole shop full of tools, and he puts them to use. Not long ago, Senior posted about his latest project around the house. Apparently, he has some work to do on his driveway.

In an Instagram post, the American Choppers star snapped a pic of a metal gate that he is putting together. It appears that it will be quite a little project. “This is what I did in my other life, getting ready to build a gate for my driveway keep you posted,” Senior said of the photo. After all these years, fans are still looking forward to new updates from Teutul.

With eight seasons of the show, American Chopper built up quite a fan base. Fans are going to be looking forward to the next special featuring Teutul and his family.