‘American Choppers’ Star Paul Teutal Sr. Looks Like Happiest Grandpa Ever in Sweet Pic With Grandchild

by Emily Morgan

During his time on “American Choppers,” Paul Teutal Sr. may have seemed like a tough guy, but his recent Instagram post just confirmed he’s got a soft heart. 

Earlier in July, the Teutal family patriarch and motorcycle enthusiast took to Instagram to share a pic of himself and his adorable grandchild. “Trying to buy our Spartan bike,” he wrote in the caption. 

The Legacy Of ‘American Chopper’

Although Teutal and his family are no longer shooting new episodes of “American Chopper,” it’s still as iconic as ever. The show aired on the Discovery Channel for seven years, between 2003 and 2010. During its tenure, the show featured Orange County Choppers, the well-known custom motorcycle shop owned by Teutul Sr.

Other cast members included his family members, such as Paul Teutul Jr (Junior) and Michael Teutul. His employees Rick Petko, Nick Hansford, Christian Welter, Vincent DiMartino, and Cody Connell were also included in the show. 

Although the show’s premise was about a family building motorcycles together, it quickly turned into a dramatic reality series, giving audiences a look at their ups and downs as a tumultuous yet loving and tight-knit family. 

During its time on air, Junior would frequently feud with his father, and as a result, would get the wrath of this no-nonsense father. Watching the conflict play out between the father and son duo, in addition to the custom bikes created by the team, made for a one-of-a-kind show. 

At the height of “American Chopper,” it accrued over 3 million viewers. 

The Legacy Of ‘American Choppers’ Lives

The show aired its final during its 6th season on February 11, 2010. Before and after the cancellation, the Teutal’s underwent lawsuits and bankruptcy that rocked the reality TV family. 

Despite this, the show launched a spin-off series launched in August that same year. Unfortunately, it only lasted two years and ended production on November 21, 2012.

Although viewers may not see the family’s ordeals today, Teutul Sr. has been able to keep his company alive and thriving. He’s even recruited a new team in his bike-building. 

In 2020, Teutal Sr. revealed that his longtime New York-based custom motorcycle shop would move to Florida. During an interview about the transition to the sunshine state, Senior said, “Sometimes it’s just time for change, you know? Where I’m at in my life, it’s time for change, and you feel the freedom in Florida, you don’t feel it so much in New York anymore”. 

Now, Senior has partnered with Keith Overton, a resort entrepreneur and motorcycle enthusiast. Together, they’ve embarked on a joint project in which they hope to expand the brand. 

If you’re in Clearwater, Fla., you can visit the OCC Roadhouse and Museum, which houses 15 of Senior’s most iconic motorcycles.