‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Explained Getting Her Start with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

by Taylor Cunningham

In 2010, Danielle Colby explained how she joined Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to become the third star of American Pickers.

Danielle Colby had known Mike Wolfe for years before she officially joined the cast of American Pickers in 2010. As the story goes, once the show got started, Mike had to do a lot of convincing to get Danielle to join his crew.

In an archived chat with Famous Interview, Danielle Colby explained how her partnership with Mike Wolfe came to be. And according to her, the two met because of their shared interest in history.

Danielle’s obsession with antiques started when she was only a child. Her father was a 5th generation photographer. And he still had all of her grandfather and great grandfather’s equipment, which “intrigued” her.

“My parents have always had a very deep passion in history,” she said. “I was homeschooled so a lot of what I learned was history. It’s always intrigued me how items find their place from one place to another.”

When Danielle grew up, she started to design and repair clothing. And in the years leading up to the American Picker’s debut, Mike would bring vintage pieces that he found during his picks “like leather jackets or period clothing” and bring them into her shop.

“Anything he would bring home that needed to be fixed, I would fix it,” she shared. “He would trade out cool stuff that I collect. So that’s kind of how I got started with him.”

Mike Wolfe Asked Danielle Colby to Join ‘American Pickers’ for Five Years Before she Finally Agreed

Once Mike Wolfe decided to create American Pickers, he knew he needed some help. And he wanted Danielle Colby to join his team by working at his home base, Antique Archeology.

At that point, Wolfe wasn’t working with the History Channel yet. He was self-producing while looking for a network to pick up the series. And Danielle, a self-proclaimed “flaky artist,” didn’t want to be tied down. So she said, “no.” But she did continue to help Mike on the side.

“I kind of wanted to do my own thing, but help him at the same time so I never really feel an obligation for quite some time,” she admitted.

As anyone who has followed the American Pickers story knows, Mike Wolfe doesn’t give up. And once his series was picked up by a major network—five years later—Danielle finally gave in.

As Danielle explained to the website, there was “no way” he could do it “on his own.” So, she decided to officially join his payroll and help him hunt down leads. And, of course, she’s happy she did.