‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby’s Inspirational Message to Women Dealing with Confidence Issues

by Michael Freeman

Danielle Colby from the popular “American Pickers” series is known for her energetic, assertive personality. An interview with her in Freshly Inked had her fielding several questions about herself, the show, and her outlook on life. What’s particularly noteworthy is some advice she offered for women struggling with confidence issues.

When asked if Colby had guidance regarding this subject, she responded, “My advice, for what it’s worth… If you’re trying to gain or regain confidence, don’t do it through Burlesque. Help in your community, educate yourself, travel, find where your real strength lies.”

For the uninitiated, besides her “American Pickers” role, Colby enjoys burlesque dancing. Despite finding this empowering, she advises women to prioritize themselves first in other ways. Finding things they’re good at and improving themselves will likely lead to them gaining confidence.

In fact, Colby outright says burlesque dancing may do absolutely nothing for you. “Well, it depends on the woman. I’ve seen plenty of women go into Burlesque and it does not benefit them at all. Keep it real, understand that you are not the best, you are not the worst, there’s always better and there are always worse.”

Colby’s advice is both inspirational and applicable to everyone.

What It’s Like Working on ‘American Pickers’

In the same interview, Danielle Colby provided information about what it’s like working with Mike on “American Pickers,” how they met, and even how the show came to be in the first place.

Colby notes Mike came back from being on the road for weeks at a time with crazy stories involving people he met. Some of them were so outlandish, he felt he had to record his adventures or people wouldn’t believe him.

Coincidentally, Colby and Mike met at a yard sale. They were in Leclaire, Iowa, across the street from her mother’s house, when she spotted a lamp she wanted to buy. However, Mike beat her to the punch, proclaiming, “Sorry girl, the time to buy it is when you see it.” Colby enjoyed his unique outlook and the two hit it off immediately. Funnily enough, she mentions losing her wallet (rent money included), but it was worth it gaining Mike as a friend.

Regarding working with such a close friend, Colby mentions anyone who has worked with a family member or close friend knows how it is. “Some days you’re really excited to see each other, some days you gossip, some days you don’t want to talk to each other, some days you can’t live without each other, some days they have to bail me out and hold it over my head for a few days,” she said.

Overall, even on the worst days, Colby and Mike still adore and appreciate one another.