‘American Pickers’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over This Pic of Danielle Colby at Antique Shop

by Courtney Blackann

“American Pickers” star Danielle Colby had a special announcement to celebrate Mike Wolfe’s upcoming birthday. The TV personality posted a photo about it on Instagram and now fans are flooding the page with excitement.

While Colby is known for posting fairly often to her social media pages, this announcement was extra special. Standing in a pair of cute overalls, the star is pointing straight up.

“Listen up!” she begins her post.

“To celebrate @mikewolfeamericanpicker’s birthday, the team decided to put together a special round of antiques online just for you! 🥳 The collection goes live TOMORROW (Nov. 5). Make sure you are on our email list to be notified of exactly when the items are available.”

This means that right now, you can shop some “American Pickers” antiques online. While many items have already sold, there are still some unique treasures available. These include a WWII-era jumpsuit and an antique banjolin to name a couple.

And fans are showing their excitement as well.

“Looooove the Plymouth/Chrysler sign!!!” one person said.

Another remarked on the ‘continued success’ of the show: “Such a fantastic show. Such depth and interesting avenues. Continued success to everyone at AA,” the poster says.

Yet another fan said “American Pickers” was a serious help to their sanity.

“My favorite show… helped get me through being pregnant during a pandemic,” the person wrote.

Among the commenters were also several well wishes to Mike Wolfe on his birthday.

‘American Pickers’ Star Discusses Best Places to Pick

While Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe both come from Iowa, the two have searched the nation for antique treasures. There’s generally something in every part of the country. However, a few spots are more likely to have older items – and that would be on the east coast, according to Colby.

“But my favorite place in the world to pick – if I have money, I like going out to the East Coast (of the United States) because that’s where the rare s**t is, right? The rarest in the country you’re going to find out east, normally,” Colby said on an appearance of the Sailor Jerry Podcast.

She went on to add that those items on the coast can add up. So when she’s low on cash, she’ll go right back home and continue her search.

“…the vintage stores there, they’re inexpensive still. And (they have) really cool s**t. You can find really cool stuff there. Most small towns have a good scene.”

Further, the “American Pickers” star says that it still shocks her to find that the same antique in Iowa is sold for a much higher price somewhere like Nashville – but that’s just the nature of the game, she says.