‘American Pickers’: Here’s the Unique Movie Prop Mike Wolfe Calls His Favorite Thing He’s Ever Picked

by Clayton Edwards

Mike Wolfe has been picking since he was four years old. So, at 57, Wolfe has been picking for nearly as long as some of his finds have been around. In the last decade, he has been able to transform his longtime hobby into a booming career. Between American Pickers, his Antique Archeology stores, picking is at the center of his livelihood. That influence also spills over into the vacation rental properties Wolfe owns. They’re decorated with items that Mike has picked over the years.

American Pickers has been on the air for over a decade and twenty-one full seasons. The 22nd is currently airing on The History Channel. Over the course of those years, Mike Wolfe and, until recently, Frank Fritz found some fascinating things. The partners in picking unearthed classic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles galore. Additionally, they’ve discovered strange and fascinating art pieces as well as several movie props.

It is one of those movie props that Mike Wolfe says is his favorite out of all the things he’s picked over the years. He opened up about this in a 2018 Q&A with C-Suite Insights.

During their brief chat, the interviewer asked Mike Wolfe, “What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever picked?”

Wolfe said, “I picked a life-size rubber alien suit from a movie called This Island Earth and I was fascinated by it.”

Check Out Mike Wolfe’s Favorite Item

Mike Wolfe picked an alien suit from a historically significant film. This Island Earth hit screens in 1955. Today, many people see it as a B-movie. However, Universal put some serious time and money into the production. Moviegoers could see that money in the special effects which were top-notch for the time.

At the same time, it was the first sci-fi movie that Universal released in color. In fact, seeing the alien adventure come to life in technicolor is part of what made it so popular with critics and audiences alike.

Watch the trailer below. The rubber alien suit that Mike Wolfe mentioned comes onscreen near the end of the video.

There’s even a good chance that Mike Wolfe owns the alien suit featured in the trailer. Either way, he managed to pick up an awesome piece of cinema history.

Those suits would have been much cooler, but the effects department ran out of time and money, according to IMDb. They originally planned for the creatures’ legs to match the rest of their body. However, they had trouble getting the legs to function properly. In the end, they just gave the creatures pants.

It seems that no one told the poster artist about the change. All of the early posters for This Island Earth show the creatures as they were originally designed.