‘American Pickers’: Here’s What to Expect on the Upcoming ‘Coal Gold’ Episode

by Clayton Edwards

American Pickers returns with a brand new episode tonight at 9/8c on the History Channel. Tonight’s episode is the 22nd in this season, so things may be drawing to their end for the time being. If you’re curious about what you’ll see tonight when you tune in, we have some details.

Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie are heading to Coal Country. They’ll be picking the hills of West Virginia on tonight’s episode. First, they’ll visit an old-fashioned soda shop. According to the History Channel website, the little shop is “frozen in time.” As a result, there should be plenty of not-so-rusty gold for the American Pickers duo to buy. It should be a great place to find old-school advertising as well as antique glassware and restaurant equipment.

Then, the American Pickers are headed to a home of a man who wears several hats. He’s a Methodist minister and a circus ringleader. On top of that, he has a massive collection for the guys to choose from. Mike loves anything related to the circus or carnival. So, if the minister has remnants of his circus life for sale, MIke will definitely be on that.

In fact, this episode sounds like it was built around Mike Wolfe’s interests. Throughout his years on American Pickers, Mike has shared his enthusiasm for antique signage and advertising as well as carnival and circus items. If the producers toss in a small pick full of vintage bikes and motorcycles, Wolfe would be in picking heaven.

A Tough Season For American Pickers Fans

This has not been an easy year to be a fan of American Pickers. Frank Fritz mysteriously disappeared at the end of the 21st season. Many fans eagerly awaited his return when this season kicked off. However, that didn’t happen. In fact, we learned that Frank won’t be returning to the show. Since then, Mike Wolfe has shared the van with a handful of other pickers including his brother Robbie.

Frank Fritz once said that he believed that Mike wanted to tap his brother to replace his long-time partner. However, they are yet to name a permanent co-host for Wolfe. In this regard, American Pickers mirrors Jeopardy!, which is also still in search of a permanent host.

However, those snubbed for the Jeopardy! hosting gig aren’t openly hostile. Frank Fritz, on the other hand, isn’t playing nice with his former co-star and employers. He laid out his grievances in a profanity-laden rant to the Sun earlier this summer. He said that Mike’s statement about his departure was BS and felt like being removed from the show was akin to the network as well as his co-workers giving him a great big middle finger to the face.