‘American Pickers’: Here’s Where to Shop the Amazing Finds Seen on the Show

by Madison Miller

Avid fans of the History Channel show “American Pickers” love getting to see the team travel the U.S. and find some of the most interesting antiques and historical items.

Oftentimes, some of these finds look like they’d be the perfect addition to your home. From must-have decorative pieces to signs to clothing, “American Pickers” also allows people to shop for some of their finds.

Shopping for ‘American Pickers’ Finds

Fans of the show, or just collectors in general, can go to the Antique Archaeology store located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mike Wolfe once gave a private tour of the store to show those who haven’t been what the overall setup is like. He even gave shoppers a piece of advice from an antiquing professional: take a few laps around before committing to purchasing anything.

“In my experience, the best pieces are sometimes in the places you would least expect them to be found,” Wolfe said.

Antique Archaeology isn’t like your traditional retail store. When you enter the building, you’re quite literally surrounded by amazing finds. Even above you, shoppers can find bikes, light-up signs, and other dangling goods.

There’s a catch though — what you see isn’t always what you can get. The store is a mix between a shop with purchasable items and a museum full of only observable items. Each item also has a tag on it that tells the story behind the piece, which is the overall appeal of it all in the first place.

Looking into Antique Archaeology

One of the most popular items at the store is the 1942 Harley Von Dutch motorcycle. Fans surround the motorcycle to take selfies with it when visiting the shop. Mike Wolfe discovered the motorcycle back in a 2012 episode of “American Pickers.” He called it “one of my holy grails.”

According to HuffPost, at the time, he purchased the bike for $21,000. It is a combination of a Harley-Davidson XA frame with a Volkswagen engine.

The Nashville store isn’t the only place to shop, however. There is also a location in LeClaire, Iowa. Given the fact that online shopping has boomed in popularity due to its easy efficiency, the “American Pickers” also have an online store.

You can shop for antiques and gifts, as well as products with the Antique Archaeology design on them. The online store is first-come, first-serve. Some of the items on there as of now are a Camp Carson Boxing silk robe, a Standard Red Crown cloth banner, and military denim trousers.

According to ABC News, there’s a lot that goes along with being a “picker.” In the 2010 interview, Frank Fritz described a picker as “someone who finds good stuff among the rust.” Although that seems self-explanatory, the “American Pickers” have a set of guidelines they must follow when filming. Some of which are absolutely no trespassing, no grave robbing, no lies about a sale, never force a sale, and always be sure to walk away with a profit.