‘American Pickers’: Look Inside Mike Wolfe’s Western-Themed Vacation Home You Can Rent for $200 a Night

by Emily Morgan

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe opened his vacation rental, which allows guests to get an inside look at some of his most treasured finds. Wolfe opened the custom space, known as Two Lanes Guesthouse, in 2019 in Columbia, TN after falling in love with the small town’s unique history.

The one-bedroom loft, located on a second floor above Wolfe’s bike shop, is packed with oddities from Wolfe’s years on the road collecting from various sheds and barns.

“Some people may not know, but for the past 30 years, I have been selling to designers and decorators,” Wolfe said. “It has been a major part of my business. This is the first time that I’ve been able to utilize that experience inside my own space for other people to enjoy.”

When Wolfe first saw the town’s historic building from 1857, he knew he wanted to make his vision a reality.

He added: “I’m on the road six months out of the year. I check in to a lot of hotels and Airbnbs. So I understand what travelers need when they’re looking to relax after a long day in a space that feels like home.”

He continued: “This entire project is all about creating an experience not just for a few hours in Columbia, but for a long weekend.”

The rental’s foyer then leads you into a hallway with a wooden windmill blade and framed vintage motorcycle gear.

Mike Wolfe’s Entire Life’s Work Lives in Small Town Loft

In addition, you can get all your Instagram pics with the loft’s green 1951 Vespa, a model of RCA’s dog Nipper, a giant fire eater circus banner, and old wooden bicycles hung on the walls. For Wolfe, the entire space also represents his time spent on the road chasing down his antiques and oddities.

“We were in California picking for about a month finding vintage Navajo style rugs, worn leather goods, original cowboy paintings, and more,” he said in an interview with Antique Archaeology.

“Looking at the pieces in the back of the van, it hit me. This is the inspiration for the Two Lanes Guesthouse. It just seemed fitting to include the spirit of exploring the wild frontier in this space.

“I wanted it to represent the grit and passion one needs to chase down the road ahead. Whether it’s through the mountains of the west or down a country back road.”

The space also features broken pieces of exposed bricks on the wall and a kitchen with a black marble island.

A repurposed rusty cafe sign also acts as overhead lighting and decor above the island. In addition, the modern bathroom comes with a rare concrete and iron vanity.