‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Assisted in Restoring a Vintage Speedster: Here’s How

by Shelby Scott

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe is an established antique collector and restorer. He goes to major extremes to return historic objects and vehicles to their previous glory. A season 19 episode of the hit show features Wolfe and his former costar, Frank Fritz, on a mission to help rebuild a third-generation speedster.

As fans of “American Pickers” know, Wolfe is consistently finding, restoring, and holding onto all kinds of antique car parts. Luckily for Wolfe, he held onto one particular part long enough to score a big sale with antique car industry icon Doug Pray. Pray is the president of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company. The episode shows how Wolfe’s part will be used in the making of a brand new previously extinct version of the G-3 1935 car, complete with all original parts.

The “American Pickers” star contributed to the million-dollar project a two-speed rear end. The part will make a remarkable contribution to the construction of the restored speedster. Pray’s company built the original speedsters in 1935 and 1936. However, Wolfe’s contribution plays a huge role in the creation of the museum-level $1.2 million completed project. Nevertheless, Pray’s company still possesses over 300,000 pounds of “original new old stock parts.”

According to Pray, parts like a two-speed rear end are incredibly hard to come by. Parts companies simply don’t make them anymore. “They made a single-speed and they made a two-speed,” Pray shares. Interestingly, the single-speed version of the vehicle maxes out at 50 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the inclusion of the two-speed rear end will allow the new car to reach 105 miles per hour. Wolfe collected a total of 3 grand for the rare part during the “American Pickers” episode.

‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Dropped 10 Grand on a Depression-Era Pickup

While Wolfe’s earlier car part sale on “American Pickers” earned him a pretty hefty three thousand dollar profit, he more recently dropped ten thousand dollars on a 1932 Ford Model B. And while the early Ford vehicles are definitely interesting and often accompanied by interesting tidbits of information, this one, in particular, lured Wolfe in with its backstory.

The Ford Model B made its debut during the worst years of the Great Depression. And while Henry Ford instead intended for his V8 model 18 to be the premiere seller at the time, the V4 Model B wound up taking its place. Because of its affordability and efficiency, the Model B became the most popular choice of the line.

According to a Twitter post shared on American Pickers’ official page, the project in total is going to far surpass the $10,000 purchase price in order to fully restore the vehicle. However, Wolfe will eventually see a profit back his way on “American Pickers” as the classic vehicle, in good condition, can go for as much as $70,000. Truthfully, we’re excited to see the antique car restored to its former condition.