‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Explained His Inspiration for Leiper’s Fork Building in Tennessee

by Joe Rutland

“American Pickers” host Mike Wolfe was looking to house his motorcycle collection in Tennessee. He also needed inspiration, too.

Wolfe talked about what was his inspiration for his Leiper’s Fork, Tenn., building in a 2016 interview with the TV show “Small Town Big Deal.”

“When I first started doing this about 27 years ago, it just seemed like every other building I was in was a Morton building,” Wolfe said. “All the things that are in here are special to me in one way or another because I come across so much stuff.

“So I wanted to build something that could house those things,” he added.

“American Pickers” continues rolling along this season with Wolfe and new host Danielle Colby. She’s appeared a lot over the years on the show and is not new to its viewers.

Colby has worked in Wolfe’s business office in Le Claire, Iowa, for many years. She is tackling a new role on “American Pickers” as host. This summer, the show fired longtime host Frank Fritz.

Fans looking to watch episodes can tune into The History Channel and catch it. Those looking for a little more information about “American Pickers” can visit its website right here. New episodes air on Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. The show is in its 22nd season on The History Channel.

‘American Pickers’ Longtime Host Revealed Reason He Started ‘Picking’

Mike Wolfe has developed a lot of success and prosperity through his work on “American Pickers” and fans love it. But what was it that led him to start “picking”?

That answer is revealed in a 2020 interview with “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Obviously, one might think it was a great visit to an antique shop that inspired him. Maybe it was a member of his family. While it might be true, this isn’t the case for Wolfe. He remembered finding a really good, sturdy “girl’s” bicycle as he was walking along a street.

Where did he find it? In the midst of, well, junk. Wolfe was not a man who found himself raised in a wealthy household. Far from it. He was raised in one that could not afford luxuries, like a bicycle.

“It was one of those big garbage days,” Wolfe said. “I was cutting through this yard and I remember seeing it…And I picked that up, and I was amazed that someone would throw out a bike.”

That started to get him thinking. People throw away a lot of stuff. What could they also toss out?

“So that’s why I started digging in the garbage, constantly,” he said. “Even if it wasn’t a big garbage day, I was always in the trash cans and stuff.”