Like ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe, ‘Pawn Stars’ Lead Rick Harrison Pitched Show for Years

by Jonathan Howard

While the show has been an absolute success since debuting over 10 years ago, Pawn Stars took a while to get off the ground and on TV. Rick Harrison, much like fellow History Channel star, Mike Wolfe, pitched his show for years before finally getting someone to take a bite.

For Wolfe, his pitch time took about five years before he was able to land American Pickers on History. For Harrison, it only took four years. However, that didn’t make it any less difficult. He spoke with Entertainment Weekly all the way back in 2010 about the struggles.

“I was pitching the show for four years, and nothing ever came of it,” the star of Pawn Stars said. “Out of the blue, Leftfield Pictures calls me up and says, ‘Hey, we’re thinking about trying to do a reality show in a pawn shop.’ I said, ‘Oh really? I’ve been trying to get this thing going for four years!’ It was really refreshing. They were from New York. They weren’t from Hollywood.”

For Rick Harrison, most importantly they were focused on making the show successful.

“They were really business-minded, from the first call with them to being on the air for six months, and from there, the ratings just kept on going up.”

It really is one of those instances where a big break seems to fall from the sky. For Leftfield Pictures, they called up the right pawnshop for the show. It has been a definitive success. Pawn Stars is able to tie into the theme of the History Channel. Rare antiques and historical items are very common on the show. Now, the show has a loyal following and continues to entertain.

Which ‘Pawn Stars’ Personality Has the Highest Net Worth?

Since the show began, there is no doubt that those involved have made a pretty penny. It isn’t just the main characters that are benefitting, either. In fact, there is one expert that makes guest appearances on the show with the highest net worth. Imagine that, one of the guys Rick calls has amassed quite a bit.

Murray Sawchuck, a magician and expert in historical items related to his profession makes a good living out in Las Vegas. When he isn’t making an appearance on Pawn Stars, Sawchuck is on the strip doing shows. His net worth is estimated to be $15 million. While the main guys on the show have made a good living for themselves they fall short of Sawchuck.

Rick Harrison has a net worth of around $8 million. As an owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and star of Pawn Stars, Harrison has lots of avenues for income. He also owns a BBQ restaurant in Vegas. Even Chumlee has done well. He is worth an estimated $5 million ahead of Rick’s son Corey Harrison who is worth around $4 million. Each has started their own side projects as well including merch.