‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Summed Up How His Brain Works, Offered Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

by Shelby Scott

“American Pickers” has captured the minds and hearts of collectors and wanna-be collectors everywhere. Further, we know Mike Wolfe’s dedication to his picking passion from the show’s 20-odd seasons on the History Channel. However, he previously revealed a little bit of how his mind works as an entrepreneur. In addition, he shared some helpful tips for budding entrepreneurs.

Wolfe revealed that, while he’s been starring on “American Pickers” over the last ten years or so, he’d actually remained self-employed for more than 26 years prior to the interview. He additionally shared, “Prior to the show, I understood the importance of making it happen every day.”

As far as how his brain works, he shared he tends to shift to what he calls, “my alternative energy.”

As mystic as that sounds, he simply says it means, “thinking in angles, looking at things in its simplest form.”

He further tends to be “one of those guys” that keeps a notepad next to his bed. In hindsight, it’s probably ideal for most of us.

However, the notepad thing may not be for you. It wasn’t for me, as I can’t understand my own 3-a.m. scrawl. To remedy that, Wolfe suggested taking notes on your phone. Obviously, once you drift back to sleep following your thought or idea, it’s typically gone forever if you don’t record it somehow. In that mindset, perhaps we should all develop our own kind of “alternative” thinking allowing us to pursue our passions.

Mike Wolfe Practices Serious Methods of Negotiating on ‘American Pickers’

Obviously, based on his 20+ year career in self-employment and “American Pickers” overall, Mike Wolfe has had to work hard to get to his current level of success. Now, however, as the show pursues its 22nd season, Wolfe and former costar Mike Fritz have room to make very serious business negotiations.

Most notably, while negotiating and haggling are no easy tasks, Wolfe introduced a rapid, useful method of negotiating prices on “American Pickers.” Earlier episodes of the History Channel hit show capture Wolfe frequently utilizing rock, paper, scissors to hammer out business deals. Childish? Perhaps. Effective? Definitely!

In practicing rock, paper, scissors, Wolfe has secured some pretty decent vintage bike helmets and a beer cooler among other impressive finds.

Even more impressive, however, rock, paper, scissors is not the only childhood game the star has utilized on the show.

Early clips also show Wolfe and Fritz securing deals through coin tosses and even not-so-friendly games of Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots. Although, I still wonder whether or not Wolfe battled it out for the vintage game itself. Alas, I still await answers.

Regardless, after so many years of pushing to publicize the show and bring his passion to a televised level, Wolfe has managed to add some fun and interesting negotiating rules surrounding his picks as well.