‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Has Unique Connection to ‘NCIS’: WATCH

by Clayton Edwards

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traveled all over the country for American Pickers. During their 21 seasons together, the guys went just about everywhere. They also made some connections that were vital to their work. At one point, Mike and the big white van traveled to a whole new show and network to appear on NCIS. So, it looks like Wolfe really has been just about everywhere.

Mike Wolfe appeared on the 17th episode of NCIS‘s 15th season. He’s not stepping into a new role, though. So, don’t expect to see Wolfe joining the team or being hunted by them. In that episode, Mike plays himself. In the video below, you can see that he brought the van with him as well.

It is really cool to see Mike Wolfe alongside Gibbes and Torres in the scene. In a way, it adds a layer of realism to NCIS.

Mike Wolfe on ‘NCIS’

The episode that features Mike Wolfe is called “One Man’s Trash.” Ducky and Gibbs are working on a sixteen-year-old cold case. They think they have a lead when they catch a glimpse of a studded war club on American Pickers, according to the clip’s description. So, they contact Dani at the office and set up a meeting with Mike. That’s where the video above starts.

It’s funny to see Mike Wolfe on the other side of the bargaining equation. However, there isn’t much bargaining going on.

The scene starts with Mike telling the agents, “I have absolutely no interest in selling this piece because it’s just been so lucky for us.” Then, Gibbs wants to know how the item could be lucky. Just like he does on the show, Mike Wolfe explains the historical significance of the piece.

“Well, Nordic sailors believed that this piece had mystical powers way before the Blue Guard ever claimed it as their own,” he began. “Since I’ve had this,” Mike went on, “Frank and I have had some incredible luck finding things. I’m just not willing to break up with that mojo yet.”

Unfortunately for Mike Wolfe, Gibbs and Torres aren’t looking to haggle. “We’re going to have to break it for you,” Torres interjects, “because this stick wasn’t very lucky for someone sixteen years ago.”

Gibbs says there’s only one way to find out if the war stick is their murder weapon. Mike Wolfe says, “Just please tell me we can get this back if you’re wrong because Dani’s going to be heartbroken.”

The really interesting thing about this clip is that Mike Wolfe seems completely natural. It doesn’t even look like he’s acting. In fact, he delivers his lines in the scene just like he would when chatting up a collector who has a piece he really wants.