‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s ‘Agileness’ Leaves Fans Questioning His Workout Routine

by Katie Maloney

So, does “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe work out?

All that picking, and crawling through tunnels to get to antiques, requires some agility. So, does Mike Wolfe have a go-to workout routine that helps him prepare for the show? Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to that question. We’d love to, he seems like a fit guy, but stalking the “American Pickers” star in order to figure out whether or not he skips leg day is frowned upon. So, we must rely solely on theories offered by fans via Reddit threads like this one.

“Mike is so agile!” wrote one fan. “What do you think his fitness regime consists of? Sometimes it is almost like he is doing parkour.”

This fan certainly makes a good point. Climbing around in old barns does require some parkour-like moves.

Another fan thinks that Mike Wolfe was just born naturally athletic.

“Never thought much of this, just thought he was the kind of spry skinny guy who is used to doing stuff like this his whole life,” wrote another fan. “I don’t think he does any particular training for it, but I could be wrong.”

So, where do we sign up for naturally athletic, business savvy, famous reality star genes?

Another “American Pickers” fan suggested that simply following his passion is Mike Wolfe’s preferred workout routine.

“The picking could be the training!” replied the fan. “But I also feel like he keeps in good shape regardless. I mean he is in his 50s and still jumping around in these barns!”

If dragging old antiques out of obscurity is a sport, Mike Wolfe is pro-level. Sidenote: There is a real life professional powerlifter name Mike Wolfe. New Reddit thread topic of discussion: “Does Mike Wolfe have a power lifting alter ego?” And…go!

Here’s the One Thing That Makes ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Feel Like He Failed

No, it’s not a missed workout.

As all you “American Pickers” fans already know. Mike Wolfe owns two real life antique shops. One is located in Le Claire, Iowa, and the other is in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the first things fans notice about the shops is how friendly Mike Wolfe is when he’s in the shop. We may not know what Wolfe’s workout routine is but he certainly revealed one of the pillars of his business routine during an interview in 2020. He said that he always tries to talk to each customer who visits the shop.

“Every one of these people writes my check. Every one of them do,” said Wolfe. “So, I try to spend as much time as I can with them. And if we don’t rise to the occasion all the time, I feel like I failed.”