‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Store Reveals One of Its ‘Favorite Picks’ He’s Brought to Nashville Shop

by Michael Freeman

Amerian Pickers fans likely have their own favorite episodes or picks that got them really excited. Naturally, Mike Wolfe’s store, Antique Archaeology, has its own as well and recently revealed one of them.

Posting it to their Instagram account, the caption reads “One of our favorites picks @mikewolfeamericanpicker has ever brought to our Nashville shop is @cheaptrickrick’s guitar. (Yes — Rick occasionally comes in and plays it!)… Let’s hear your most memorable pick below.”

Rick Nielsen’s guitar is admittedly a very exciting pick. For the uninitiated, Nielsen is the lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and bandleader for Cheap Trick. Even better is the fact he apparently frequents the shop to play. Wolfe himself looks like a kid on Christmas day standing next to him like that.

The comment section sounded off with their own favorite picks. One user mentioned seeing Wolfe at a swap meet in Davenport. “My favorite pick? It was this past Sept. Mike was at the swap meet in Davenport. He had a nice left hand gas tank. Mike gave me the friend discount. $150. After I stripped the paint. I had a beautiful ’51-53 hand shift gas tank in perfect shape. Thank You Mike.”

Another commenter talked about a lucky car pick they had. “I got 3 vw’s in one pick!” they wrote. “One was a vw squareback stored in a garage in Pacific Beach for 36 years and 66vw bug that was in a backyard in Cardiff for 30 years, stores with a bunch rusty gold! The 3rd was a squareback and the 93 year old owners daily driver!”

I’m personally a sucker for old electronics and arcade machines. Nonetheless, the guitar is an excellent choice.

Mike Wolfe Tells Story of One Seller Who Answered the Door Without Pants

We all have days where we just can’t be bothered to do much. However, answering the door without pants on is another story. According to Mike Wolfe, not only did someone do this, but he refused to put bottoms on.

During the earlier American Pickers episodes, Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz ran into some oddities. After already picking a house, show producers returned to film a promo. The catch is when one of the people there answered the door, he was nude from the waist down. Apparently, after a few awkward moments of standing around, the producers asked if he wanted to put on some pants. “No,” the man bluntly responded.

Turns out the producers had to bribe him $50 to fully clothe himself. Oddly enough, something similar happened in the past. When Wolfe and Fritz stopped by a home unannounced, the owner was sleeping on the couch. Hastily answering the door, the duo saw he was only wearing underwear.

The good news is he was a fan of the show, quickly asking if one of them was Frank. Answering the door in your underwear to meet Fritz? Now that’s dedication.