‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Has an Awesome Idea for Her Own Show

by Leanne Stahulak

Despite spending over 10 years with Mike Wolfe on “American Pickers,” Danielle Colby has considered what she’d want to do if she had her own show.

Similar to the History Channel hit, Colby would focus on antiques and vintage goods. But her show would also contain a reality TV aspect to it. She described it in an interview with Michigan-based new outlet MLive back in 2014.

Essentially, people on the show would “follow a vintage lifestyle” based on different antique items.

“They pick one trend and engross themselves completely,” the “American Pickers” star explained. “It’s really interesting, but I would still tell the story from the perspective of the buyer and the pieces they collect. I still think that’s the most important thing – the story of the item and the person the item comes from.”

Regardless, it would be extremely entertaining to watch people step back in time and try to live the lifestyle people did in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Colby herself likes to do that sometimes. She participates in several burlesque events and runs a burlesque-themed historical blog online. If you follow her Instagram page, you can see snippets from several vintage photoshoots she does.

‘American Pickers’ Host Mike Wolfe Speaks About Danielle Colby’s Side Gig

Most “American Pickers” fans recognize Danielle Colby from her role on the show. She keeps things running at Antique Archeology, the Pickers’ store, and she also gives Mie Wolfe tips on where to find great picks.

But in her spare time, as we know, she gets involved in burlesque shows and runs this podcast/blog. So, what exactly does Wolfe think about Colby’s side hustle?

“When I see her doing something that she loves, it’s really her best moment because she’s a very, very passionate person,” Wolfe told Fox News back in 2019. So, it sounds like he really endorses her work. Especially because of how close the two are.

“You know, Danielle and I’ve known each other for 25 years, and she’s always been this creative force,” the “American Pickers” star told the outlet.

“She had a store downtown in Le Claire, Iowa. It was called 4 Miles 2 Memphis. She has a son named Miles, and a daughter named Memphis, and in this store, she would create clothing. She was painting. And I would go in there because she was such an inspiration to me,” Wolfe continued. “She’s one of those persons that if she has an idea and she has a passion for it, she’s going to follow through with it.”

That passion made a difference to Wolfe, who struggled for several years to pitch “American Pickers” to a network.

“So when I was putting the show for five years, she was really inspirational to me as far as just keeping the wheels on track, saying, ‘Hey, you can do this. Don’t give up on it,’” Wolfe concluded. “After five years of almost hearing nos, it was important for me to hear things like that from people that I loved.”