‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Sends Message About Trying to ‘Fit in’ in Heartfelt Post

by Clayton Edwards

The American Pickers team is going through some big changes. Frank Fritz will not return to the show. Furthermore, they’re looking for someone to replace him. Fans seem to have split into two distinct groups. There are those that are blasting Mike Wolfe and those defending Frank. However, the larger discussion is overlooking one important member of the team. It can’t be easy to be in Danielle Colby’s shoes right now.

Things have been coming to this point behind the scenes for over two years. However, Fritz, Wolfe, and the network just recently confirmed Fritz’s departure. So, the fans are catching up on two years’ worth of news. At the same time, they are focusing more on the show right now because the feud is now public. Danielle Colby might have commented on the behind-the-scenes happenings in a recent Instagram post about fitting in.

Danielle Colby starts the post by saying that she is back in Iowa and getting ready to get back to work with American Pickers. Then, she plugged her behind-the-scenes blog hosted on her Patreon. With that out of the way, she got into a heartfelt message about fitting in. Could this message be somehow connected to the current state of American Pickers?

Danielle Colby on ‘Fitting In’

First, she wished her followers a “Beautiful Sunday,” and reminded them that they can only be where they are. “Though others you love or respect may try to rush or squeeze you to fit their narrative, you can only be where you are,” Danielle Colby explained. The Queen of Rust went on to say, “Sometimes your personality just won’t fit into their world or narrative in a positive way, no matter how hard you try.”

Colby went on to say that it didn’t matter how much you want to “be a part,” of some circles, you just have to be able to accept the fact that you have to be “apart” from them. Danielle Colby asserts that it is okay to not fit into the narratives, worlds, or circles of some people even if you truly love and respect those people.

She goes on to state that you can still be the best version of yourself without fitting in. In fact, you can still do your all to work toward the greater good while not fitting in.

Danielle Colby reminded her followers to, “Walk in peace and lead with love and remember that the most difficult folks for us to love are the ones who need love the most. Even if it’s from a distance.”

She closed her post by saying, “Not everyone needs to like you. Just be sure that in those sacred moments alone, that YOU like yourself.”

Whether or not Danielle Colby’s comments have anything to do with the drama surrounding American Pickers, one thing is certain. The Queen of Rust innately understands the Outsider spirit. Do your best, be yourself, and strive for the greater good. Fitting in is overrated when you’re doing what’s right and staying true to yourself.