‘American Pickers’ Star Michael Wolfe’s Wife Files For Divorce

by Emily Morgan

It seems like there’s trouble in paradise for “American Pickers” star Michael Wolfe. Wolfe’s wife quietly filed for divorce from the TV star. 

Per TMZ’s reporting, Jodi Catherine Wolfe filed for divorce in Williamson County, Tenn., in November 2020 after nearly a decade of marriage. According to the documents, she cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. They two tied the knot on September 7, 2012, in Franklin, Tenn. 

However, some believe that the couple parted ways long before she filed for divorce, as the documents reveal that she split from Wolfe in June 2020. 

In addition to the divorce, the pair will also have to endure a custody arrangement as they share a 9-year-old daughter. In the documents obtained by TMZ, it’s revealed that their daughter lives with Jodi. 

Michael Wolfe co-hosts the popular History Channel series, which is currently in its 22nd season. The show follows Michael and his longtime friend and co-host Frank Fritz to look for valuable and interesting antiques. 

In addition to the beloved reality show, Michael once starred as himself in season 15 of “NCIS” for an episode titled “One Man’s Trash.”

Ducky and Gibbs are both watching “American Pickers” in the episode. Both men take an interest in an artifact: a spiked club. 

Soon, the two instantly put together that it was the same type of weapon from a case that went cold years earlier. The team then sets off to solve the cold case thanks to the popular History channel series. As viewers see, the spikes in the club look a lot like the wood found in the skull of a victim 16 years earlier. 

He and Torres meet up with the real Michael Wolfe, who now possessed the club. At first, he’s reluctant to give them his find, and he’s also afraid to point any fingers at his fellow treasure hunters. 

At this point, you may expect Wolfe to be the murderer. However, that’s not the case, and the guest star playing himself doesn’t end up becoming the alleged murderer in the vicious case. 

By the end of it, the team determines who the real villain is, and thankfully, justice is served. Throughout the episode, Gibbs expresses at multiple times his love for the television program “American Pickers.”

It’s a crossover “NCIS” fans never expected to get, but they loved it by the end of the episode. 

It looks like someone on the “NCIS” staff at the long-running CBS crime drama may be a big fan of the Americana reality series. The beloved show has been airing on the History channel since 2010. It also has more than 20 seasons and 245 episodes under its antique belt.