‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Shares Update on How Her Shop’s Construction Is Progressing

by Amy Myers

Now that Leticia Cline is dating American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, the world is discovering just how talented and versatile the rider, model, mother, councilwoman and contractor is. Since finally making her relationship with Wolfe public, Cline has been at the forefront of everyone’s feed with her picturesque adventures and recent remodeling updates. Somehow, between all of her various jobs, passions and hobbies, Cline has still found time to construct a shop with her own two hands.

Recently, the American Pickers insider shared her daily tasks with her Instagram followers. Unfortunately, we can’t show her Instagram story on our page. However, we can provide details on her progress and encourage you to follow her here. Within the past few days, it seems Cline has been putting the finish touches onto her shop, showing off her poly-urethane counters and the clean trim work. She’s also added an employee bathroom, equipped with a toilet, mirror and sink.

“It doesn’t look like a lot, but I promise,” Cline told her fans, “We’ve been non-stop.”

The American Pickers fan’s shop also demonstrated her sense of interior design in the clip. Cline adopted a rustic feel for her shop, complete with beautiful, exposed wooden beams and Edison lights. She also added a few industrial items like metal pipes and shelving. Not only does the style match the rider’s personality, but it will also prove to be warm and inviting to her future customers.

‘American Pickers’ Insider Shows What Shop Looked Like Prior to Remodeling

Before the American Pickers affiliate embarked on her remodeling journey, the building didn’t have nearly as much light – both physically and emotionally. In her Instagram story, she shared photos of how the property looked before she began improving it. The room didn’t look much more than a cluttered, abandoned workshop. Overtop of the shot, Cline commented on the room’s condition.

“There were no side windows in yet. I had so much brick work done since,” she said.

In the next clip, Cline took us on a tour through the shop.

“And it was covered in 4 layers of flooring,” the American Pickers insider added.

Yikes. That means a lot of demolition before the remodeling could even begin.

Thankfully, the renowned rider saw the potential in the property and brought out its natural beauty. Her following videos exemplified just how much of an improvement the shop’s current state was.

“This building has been a challenge to my emotions,” Cline said in the final shot of her story. “Everything needed to be replaced. From the roof to the floor joist. This is only 1600 sq feet and there’s still over 3,000 left to go. It never seems like I get enough done but looking back on the videos I realized I have come so very far.”

“I’m exhausted but I’m motivated.”