‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Got His Hands Dirty, Prying Historical Artifact from Blacksmith Workshop

by Amy Myers

American Pickers stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fitz took a trip back in time when they visited a family’s old blacksmith shop on their property. While Wolfe searched the building for valuable pieces, he found that the descendants of the original blacksmiths are not quite ready to get rid of anything that connects them to their family’s legacy or workshop. In a clip from the History Channel, Wolfe struggles to find hidden treasures while still respecting the family’s wishes.

Most times on American Pickers, the owners of the antique pieces are ready to get rid of the dust-collecting items after years of storing them in a garage somewhere. However, these folks probably don’t identify with any of their Americana relics. That’s when Wolfe’s job is easy – the owners are happy to sell the item and Wolfe is just as thrilled to take it. But when the owners still have an emotional attachment to the piece, it makes it hard for the American Pickers star to do business. So, as he scoured the old blacksmith workshop, Wolfe knew he needed to tread lightly.

For a while, Wolfe worked at an old, faded sign nailed to one of the walls of the workshop. Once he finally freed it from its hiding spot, he presented it to the owners, hoping they would be willing to sell it. The sign read “Champion Spark Plugs” in white print. Unfortunately, even this worn-out decoration had some emotional value.

“There’s tons of history you guys have here for the wagons, but not really too much for the cars,” the American Pickers star told the owners, understanding their reason for keeping the piece.

‘American Pickers’ Star Finally Finds Pieces Owners Can Part With

The owners of the property led the American Pickers team further into the workshop where the magic happens. Up an old staircase was the area where their grandfather and great grandfather worked and shaped the metal into automotive and wagon parts. Rusted anvils, vices, hammers and other tools lined the walls. The room also had a small office area where the blacksmiths could take notes or draw designs on a writing desk.

“It’s like walking back in time,” the owner expressed as Wolfe admired the room.

After rummaging in the rubble, the American Pickers star found a worn sign bracket. Though he didn’t believe that the family blacksmiths actually crafted it, he did like the run-down appeal of the piece. Thankfully, the next of kin didn’t seem to mind letting that piece of metal go. Along with an REO Speedwagon sign, the antiques advocate finally had something he could remember the experience by.

As Wolfe and Ritz left the property, they encouraged the shop’s owners to give them a call if they find other items they’re willing to give up. Though, with how the majority of the day went, Wolfe probably shouldn’t hold his breath.