‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe and His New Girlfriend Pick for Vintage Bikes in New Posts

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years, Mike Wolfe of American Pickers has loved one item over all others. Vintage bicycles. It is no secret how much he loves bikes. In fact, it is cited as one of the things that got him most interested in picking. His love also extends to motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles.

Couples that have similar interests typically do well together. So, it is no surprise that Wolfe’s new girlfriend, Leticia Cline also has an affinity for bikes. She races motorcycles among many other titles she juggles. Most importantly she’s from the great state of Kentucky. While her full-time job is in journalism, she has interests in historical preservation and similar hobbies. It comes as no surprise that the two would go picking for some old bikes.

Over on Cline’s Instagram story, she posted the two out perusing a collection of antique bicycles. In the background, you can hear Mike trying to haggle on one of the models. While not everything on American Pickers is upfront and truthful, at least we know Wolfe has the negotiation skills he flaunts on the television series. If there is a rusty frame with a couple of wheels on it, Wolfe is going to find it and with his new picking partner around he might find some good luck.

‘American Pickers’ Frank Fritz Makes Return…

Fans have been fairly upset with the loss of American Pickers cohost Frank Fritz from the show recently. However, he did make a return to the screen on a new episode. Although it was in a flashback, that is a step in the right direction if you want to see a full return. It is wild that Fritz has been gone from the show so long, and a flashback appearance has become news now.

Depending on the reports you hear, a return is not very likely. The two have apparently not spoken in two years and neither Mike nor Frank seem to want to make a change. It appears to be a stalemate with each one waiting for the other to reach out. However, the show has gone on. Danielle Colby and others have been picking alongside Wolfe in the interim. There is still a familiar cadence and flow to the show. Not to mention, there are all kinds of great finds and people as well.

With fans weighing in on the show each week, perhaps there is enough pressure to get Frank back on the show. In the meantime, American Pickers will go on with Mike, Danielle, and friends. There are all kinds of places to discover and characters to encounter. Coming to an old outbuilding near you, the pickers are going across the country looking for their next big find.