‘American Pickers’: Why Frank Fritz Said the Hunt Can Be ‘Overwhelming’ at Times

by John Jamison

For Frank Fritz, picking was a calm, simple enterprise. In the years since “American Pickers” took off, however, his profession has done a complete 180°.

Before 2010, Fritz’s presence in any given town or at a specific property was unannounced. Unless he called a property owner about coming to check out some items, he was going through his antique picking life with relative anonymity.

Being an unknown entity has its pros and cons, however. It’s safe to say Frank Fritz enjoys the benefits that being the face of “American Pickers” provided him. The recent drama and falling out with Mike Wolfe, notwithstanding. So becoming the star of a History channel show proved lucrative and cemented his career as an antique picker. But it also represented a radical change in his life, not all of which was welcome.

Nowadays—or a few years ago, at least—when Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe showed up somewhere to film “American Pickers,” they’d get swamped by huge crowds of people. Often, their arrival would be announced days before they visited a small town or city. That led to hundreds of people waiting for autographs and attention.

For Frank Fritz, it got to be a little much. “It’s overwhelming at times,” he told The Gazette years ago. He went from stopping at random farms and garages, looking through windows for valuable items, to scribbling autographs and taking pictures with swarms of adoring fans. It’s quite the change of pace for someone accustomed to getting chased off of properties.

Is Frank Fritz Pursuing His Own Show in Wake of ‘American Pickers’ Departure?

Fans of “American Pickers” know all too well the drama that has unfolded between Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in recent weeks. The result of the underlying issues that apparently existed for years was Fritz losing his position on the show.

And though it seems he has a few personal things to work through, there can be no denying his combined antique and TV experience. As a personality on a successful show for a decade, that experience carries some weight. Fritz recently talked to The Sun about the prospect of him pursuing another television opportunity.

“I could go either way and find a new show, have something new and have just as much fun. That’s what it’s all about, being satisfied with yourself and having a little bit of fun,” Fritz said. “I’m in the position now where if there was a show or something, they could pick me up.”

“I was talking to one of the guy’s on the show and he was saying it would be a total loss if I don’t keep going or get something rolling. He was saying ‘You’re such a talented person, you need to do a lot of different things,'” he continued.

If the fan reaction to his departure from “American Pickers” is any indication, Fritz shouldn’t have a tough time finding another opportunity.