Andrew Dice Clay Diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary standup comedian Andrew Dice Clay was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition causing facial muscles weakness or paralysis.

Andrew Dice Clay got the Bells Palsy diagnosis from a doctor only weeks ago but he hasn’t let it slow him down. In fact, it is quite the opposite as the comedian has found a way to work his condition into his standup routine. Recently appearing at a New Jersey comedy club, the entertainer reportedly took the stage with a droopy face and slurred speech. He let the audience think it was part of the act a little while before revealing his Bells Palsy diagnosis. He then proceeded to work a few jokes about his condition into the act. While Bells Palsy is no laughing matter, jokes are Andrew Dice Clay’s way of dealing with it. You wouldn’t expect anything else from the comedy legend.

Andrew Dice Clay isn’t letting the diagnosis bring him down as he is still performing. In a recent social media post, he says he’d rather be on stage than taking off. He also includes a few photos that show how the condition is affecting him. Notice the right side of his face in the following social media photos.

“It don’t matter…Palsy face or not,” Andrew Dice Clay says. ” Untouchable…Loving Boutique Tour.”

An outpouring of support from fans of the comedian has come in since he went public with his condition. Several fans use the comments section of his social media post to offer up their well-wishes.

“Andrew, you are the greatest,” a fan writes on Instagram. “You are a savage always. I wish you a speedy recovery.”

Other Andrew Dice Clay not that they too have felt the effects of Bell Palsy and urge the entertainer to push through.

“I have had Bells Palsy three different times but I am still living the life,” a social media user says. “Stay strong my friend. You will make it through just fine.”

“I have had Bell Palsy two times in my life and 100 percent recovered from both,” another fan writes. “I wish you a speedy recovery, Dice.”

Bells Palsy often comes on suddenly and it can last for an undetermined amount of time. Most people with this diagnosis make a full recovery with proper time to heel. This condition results from damage to the facial nerve. Pain and discomfort usually occur on one side of the face or head with Bells Palsy and can worsen after 48 hours.

Andrew Dice Clay apparently plans on pushing through the discomfort and continue on with his live standup shows. The comedy superstar is now 63-years-old and still enjoys being on a lighted stage. That is music to the ears of his fans.