Ashley Judd Says She Would’ve ‘Hemorrhaged to Death’ Without Help During ‘Horrific’ Broken Leg Incident

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ashley Judd, now that she’s safe and in a South African hospital, provided more details of the horrific leg injury she suffered.

Judd tweeted Sunday: “My brothers and sisters got me through. I’d have hemorrhaged to death without them carrying me.”

Her tweet was in response to a statement from Bonobodotorg. They said: “Ashley Judd is a long-time friend and supporter of BCI and we’re so grateful for what she’s done on behalf of bonobos. After suffering a broken leg in Kokolopori, she is now receiving care in a South African hospital. We wish Ashley a very speedy and thorough recovery.”

Ashley Judd Was in Congo Tracking Endangered Apes

The Bonobo Conservation Initiative dedicates itself to the protection of wild bonobos and their rainforest habitat. A bonobo is an endangered great ape. Ashley Judd, an actress and activist, spends a chunk of time every year in Africa. She was working to track the bonobos on her latest project.

After her accident, Judd was concerned about the endangered apes. She wrote on Instagram:

“Bonobos exist only in the most remote parts of the #congo. Egalitarian, matriarchal, peaceful, social stability girded by female collations, they offer hope for humans. They are endangered. We have a small research Camp. I am accustomed to being there. I am a woman of the wilderness, as you know. Accidents do happen. I struck something in the dark and fell.”

Actress Tripped Over Downed Tree, Shattered Leg in 4 Places

Ashley Judd was in the jungle when she tripped over a fallen tree. She suffered a gruesome injury, breaking her leg in four places, But because she was in such a remote location, she couldn’t immediately seek help.

Judd said she needed to bite a stick because she was “howling like a wild animal.”

She also conducted an Instagram live interview conducted with the New York Times.

Ashley Judd spent five hours in the jungle before help reached her. She had to ride on the back of a motorcycle as she held her tibia in place.

In all, she says the transport from the jungle to a South African hospital took 55 hours.

Judd told the Times: “Accidents happen — and there was a fallen tree on the path which I didn’t see and I had a very powerful stride going and I just fell over this tree. As I was breaking my leg, I knew it was…broken.”

She needed surgery to repair her leg. And as she tweeted Sunday, she faced bleeding to death if help didn’t reach her on time.

“The difference between a Congolese person and me is disaster insurance that allowed me 55 hours after my accident to get to an operating table in South Africa,” she said, saying Conga villages even lack the resources for a “simple pill to kill the pain.”