‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen and Richard Karn Share Charming On-Set Photo

by Jon D. B.

Fans say ‘Assembly Required’ and ‘Home Improvement’ stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn have “aged like fine wine” in this on-set photo from their latest show.

No caption offered – no caption needed! History Channel’s ‘Assembly Required’ hit fans with a great snapshot of its iconic duo Monday, and fans are here for it. It’s a charming shot of longtime pals Allen and Karn, with the latter’s smile proving particularly magnetic. Follower Logan Parker agrees, labeling the former “Al Borland” actor as aging “like a fine wine.”

“Ugh, the best men ever!” fan Melissa ads. It’s a sentiment fans of ‘Home Improvement’ often echo, with the return of both stars to a “fix it” format a proven hit – including with the actors themselves.

Tim Allen Loves ‘Assembly Required’ as Much as You

Recently, Allen shared a clip from ‘Assembly Required,’ confirming what fans suspected: the actor loves his new show as much as us fans:

“Looking forward to enjoying my dinner of #TacoTuesday while watching my new favorite show #AssemblyRequired,” he tweets.

He’s also as forthcoming with reporters. Upon the show’s premiere, Allen compared the show “to a live version” of their fictional ‘Tool Time” show-within-a-show on ‘Home Improvement.’ This, of course, is exactly what fans of the classic sitcom tune in for, too.

“My only hesitation was I didn’t want to embarrass myself,” Allen says of the new show. “We’re very similar to the characters we play in that show.”

A fair assessment from Allen, as his Tim Taylor would often find himself wrangled by his beloved co-host, Karn’s Al Boreland.

In addition to their love of the format, Richard Karn let fans know he’s putting his life’s work into ‘Assembly Required.’

“We don’t like to ask questions we don’t know the answers to,” Karn adds. “My dad was a builder, my grandfather was a builder. I’ve always really respected that part of society.”

“Things break around the house and sometimes you don’t want to throw it away because it might be just a little, tiny thing that will fix it and it’ll work perfectly instead of going into a trash heap,” he continues. “We’ve all had forms of this kind of a show in our heads, but Tim was able to bring it to fruition.”

It’s this authenticity alongside ‘Home Improvement’s top-tier nostalgia that has fans loving ‘Assembly Required.’ The show airs on History Channel Tuesdays at 9 pm Central, 10 pm Eastern.