Baby Baby: Amy Grant Welcomes New Granddaughter

by Amanda Glover

We think we can all agree with Amy Grant by saying this is definitely a way to kick off 2022!

The singer-songwriter’s daughter, Millie Long, welcomed her first child on Monday. Long and her husband, Ben, named their little girl, Penelope Willow Long.

After first meeting on a dating app, the happy couple wed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2019.

Her mother expressed her excitement to be a grandmother to People Magazine by saying, “What a way to kick off 2022!” She added, “We are over the moon at her safe delivery. Mom and baby are doing great!”

Grant discussed with the outlet how Millie was the inspiration for her song, “Baby Baby.” “It is hard to believe that same 6-week-old girl who inspired the lyrics to ‘Baby Baby’ is now a beautiful married woman. Her life has given us a lot of reasons to dance and celebrate through the years!”

After recovering from undergoing open-heart surgery in 2020, Grant discussed the joy she felt for having loved ones with her.

“I know there is so much going on in the world right now. This is a crazy, broken, yet beautiful time. And in the midst of all of that – in the midst of all of our awareness and becoming and learning to love and see each other – I’ve had this really unique experience of having an unanticipated open-heart surgery.”

Grant continued, “People I worked with decades ago, people who have come to my concerts or listen to my music, my work family, people on social media, and my own friends and family all offered their prayers.”

Amy Grant Is Still Doing Well After Heart Surgery

After undergoing open-heart surgery, Amy Grant spreads awareness of heart disease. She also encouraged women to get routine check-ups to follow up on their health. This was after the singer was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that required her to get regular check-ups.

During an interview with Robin Roberts, Grant discussed the importance for women to always take care of their bodies and regularly get check-ups.

“I guess all I can really share is from my own story. And, my birth defect was an encroaching killer, and I had no idea. And so my advice would be – Take care of yourself. The world needs you. Even if you feel like everything is fine, you don’t really know what’s going on the inside. I think women tend to put their health on the backburner.”

We, at Outsider, congratulate Grant on the birth of her granddaughter and are thrilled the singer continues to care for her health.