‘Back to the Future’s Michael J. Fox Tells Lil Nas X to Avoid 2020 in Futuristic Song Teaser

by Kayla Zadel

Lil Nas X is recruiting Michal J. Fox for a new video. As a matter of fact, it’s been nearly two years since the rapper’s released new music.

The chart-dominating artist is set to release new music this holiday season, but he’s teasing it true Lil Nas X fashion. Just like when he collaborated with Billy Ray Cyrus, he’s working with Michael J. Fox to tease the release of his new single, “Holiday.”

The video that was released yesterday (Nov. 10), has already garnered 1.9-million views on Youtube. The “Holiday” trailer makes it seem like the new single that’s set to be released due to something that happened in the wild west.

As a matter of fact, it kind of is. The video starts off with Lil Nas X riding in on a horse through some sort of time warp. Of course, a version of “Old Town Road” is playing. His time travel’s taken him to 1885.

There are several references to the hit movie, Back to the Future. If you’re any sort of a Back to the Future fan, you will notice the nods to the movies. Marty, played by Michael J. Fox, travels back to the old west trying to save Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd.

Fox also appears towards the end of the video and offers the same warning that Doc gave him all those years ago. He says, “Whatever you do Nas, don’t go to 2020.” The original quote saying, “Whatever happens, Marty, don’t ever go to 2020!”

The Movie Nods Continue in Lil Nas X Teaser

If you pay close attention to the “Holiday” trailer, you might notice a nod to a special Christmas movie. This time we’re referencing “The Santa Claus,” starring Tim Allen. Just like Allen in the movie, Lil Nas X picks up Santa’s clothing, and the changing of the guard happens. Lil Nas becomes Santa.

As a matter of fact, he immediately grows a beard and his horse turns into a reindeer. Heck, he even gets the whole set of reindeers and the sleigh. This is the sleigh he rides out of the music video in, as the song changes to a snippet of the new single.