Bear Grylls Shows Off His Team’s Helicopter Pilots’ ‘Incredible Skill’ in Wild Video

by Kati Kuuseoks

Resident outdoorsman Bear Grylls spends his days a little differently than most of us. A typical day for him might involve crawling through old WWII tunnels and triggering tripwires, some BASE jumping, and even diving into the shark-infested waters of the Indian Ocean. His success with the classic survivalist series “Man vs. Wild” allowed him to build up a solid team of support over the years and now they explore some of the most remote parts of this planet together. But how exactly does one get to those places?

Well, apparently the answer is by helicopter. Bear Grylls’ latest Instagram post shows off his team’s helicopter pilots’ “incredible skill” in a wild new video. It might look like a movie, but it’s just another day in the life of Bear Grylls. Check it out below.

Bear Grylls ‘Continually Impressed’ By His Team

This is the incredible footage Bear Grylls shared with his 4.6 million followers earlier today:

While the location isn’t geotagged, it’s clearly somewhere remote with a higher elevation. The snowcapped mountains look rather precarious and there’s even a cross in the distance, potentially signifying someone’s earlier demise there. Grylls sends his appreciation to his team in the caption saying he’s “continually impressed by the incredible skill of [his] pilots.”

Grylls also shares that his team often makes use of these helicopters to “access some of the most remote terrains on our planet.” Some of the extreme places they’ve visited so far include The Sahara Desert, Zambia’s croc-infested rivers, the Ring of Fire in the Pacific, and Siberia.

How to Marshall a Helicopter

Bear Grylls’ official YouTube page contains a good mix of his adventure highlights and survivalist demos/advice. In one particular segment that he dubs “Bear Skills,” he went into the logistics of marshaling a helicopter. Here’s what you need to know.

Bear says helicopters are “dynamic and dangerous” and even the tiniest slip-up can prove to be fatal. He says safety is not just the pilot’s job, but rather the entire crew’s. To properly marshal a helicopter, you must first put both fists up in the air to get the attention of the pilot. You also need to make sure the wind is at your back. Whenever possible, Grylls says to avoid areas with a large presence of dust or dirt.

The third thing to look out for is space. Is there enough space for the entire helicopter to safely land? If that’s secured, then the next step involves making sure the ground is actually level. You also want to secure all loose clothing or items. Unless you want to get sucked into the blades, that is.

Catch the full explanation here: