Bear Grylls Triggers ‘World War 2 Tunnel’ Trip Wire in Behind-Scenes Look at Netflix Movie

by Jennifer Shea

British adventurer Bear Grylls climbed into an old World War II tunnel for his upcoming Netflix interactive movie, “Out Cold.”

And for a sequence in that movie, the explorer has to activate a trip wire in the side of an Alpine mountain. The special effects when he does so are explosive (literally).

“When it came to the special effects explosions, the team remembered the military demolitions acronym: P for plenty!” Grylls wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Watch Grylls trigger the trip wire here:

Bear Grylls’ Interactive Movie Is a ‘Choose-His-Adventure’ Thriller

In Grylls’ new interactive movie, audiences are asked to help Grylls, who in the movie has come down with a case of amnesia, make his way off an icy mountain where he crash-landed. Presented with several options, viewers click their way through boxes that appear onscreen as Grylls tries to find food and shelter and dodge predators.

While it is somewhat unconventional in its decision to bust down the fourth wall, the movie will feel familiar to people who grew up on choose-your-own-adventure books, and it functions in much the same way. When Grylls approaches a decision point, suspenseful music plays and clickable boxes appear onscreen alongside a horizontal line disappearing like sand from the top of an hourglass. That builds the drama of the viewer’s choice.

But no worries. After you’re done making those time-sensitive decisions, you can flip back and see how the paths not taken resolved. In short: what “Out Cold” lacks in plot development, it makes up for in audience engagement.

Grylls’ Movie Is One of a Slew of Interactive Flicks

Also, “Out Cold” is far from the only interactive film Netflix has put out there. Besides the Bear Grylls option, there are at least eight interactive titles available for download now.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend” follows Ellie Kemper’s Kimmy as she prepares to marry a prince (Daniel Radcliffe) but first has to stop her former captor (Jon Hamm) in his tracks. “Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale” recounts the travels of the cat from the classic fairy tale as he climbs trees and fights bears, among other adventures. And “Minecraft: Story Mode” charts the journey of Jesse (Patton Oswalt if you prefer a male hero, Catherine Taber if you prefer a female one) through the original video game’s structure, requiring fast decisions as he/she goes.   

So while the interactive concept is not new, for fans of Grylls’ work, “Out Cold” should provide an exciting opportunity to walk a mile in his shoes – from the comfort of their living rooms, anyway.