‘Being The Ricardos’ Director Aaron Sorkin Wants to Explore Unknown Story of Lucille Ball

by Anna Dunn

Being the Ricardos is set for release soon, and Aaron Sorkin seems excited. The director explained in a panel attended by Deadline that he wanted to explore the lesser-known story of the iconic comedian, producer and business owner, Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball is best known for her work on I Love Lucy. Following I Love Lucy, Ball was an icon in Hollywood and remained so following her death in 1989. There’s been plenty of films that have touched on Lucille Ball. But Sorkin promises this one, which explores Ball’s marriage to her husband Desi Arnaz, is going to stand out.

Being the Ricardos will follow a week in the life of Ball and Arnaz behind the scenes of I Love Lucy. Unfortunately, their marriage was far from perfect.

But on top of Lucille Ball’s marriage, the film will take a look at a lot of facets of her that people don’t really know about.

“I was certainly intrigued that Lucille Ball has been accused of being a communist, which I didn’t know,” Sorkin explained during a panel at the DGA Theater for the film. “I asked around to see if I was the only one who didn’t know this. And it turns out, I wasn’t.”

Who knows how/if that’ll make it into the movie. But the point is, this movie is diving into a different facet of her life.

It won’t just tackle fame and how she rose to power. It’ll look at who she was as a person and the challenges she faced behind the scenes.

Nicole Kidman Was Nervous to play Lucille Ball in ‘Being the Ricardos’

A lot of folks on Twitter were not too thrilled when they heard Nicole Kidman was set to play Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos. Some didn’t think they looked enough alike. Others worried about Kidman’s ability to play a comedian.

Lucille Ball’s own daughter, Lucie Arnaz, said she loved the idea of Kidman playing her mother. However, Nicole Kidman still had some nerves about the part.

After all, playing one of the most revered comedians of all time is not an easy task. Especially when so many people seem to doubt you before a trailer is even released.

I had massive trepidation about a month prior. Aaron [Sorkin] had to get on the phone and send me some emails saying, ‘You’ve got this,” she explained in a recent panel.

Nicole Kidman has a deep respect for Lucille Ball. Kidman recognizes that she’s a “trailblazer in every way.” While fans may be nervous about her ability to pull it off, it’s clear Kidman has a deep respect of the person she’s playing.

Being the Ricardos comes out on December 10th.

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