‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Nicole Kidman Posts Stunning Throwback Pic With Her ‘Darling’ Sister

by Madison Miller

Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman may always be busy with a new Hollywood project, but she’s never too busy for family.

Kidman is married to country artist Keith Urban and the couple has two kids together Sunday and Faith.

In addition to her immediate family, Kidman is also close to her sister, Antonia Kidman. She wished her a happy birthday on Instagram by writing, “To my darling sister – Happy Birthday, love sharing this life with you.”

The photo is an adorable throwback of the two sisters enjoying some time out on the water together.

Antonia is the younger sister and currently works as an Australian journalist and TV presenter. She started her career with the Nine Network’s Today program and was also a news reporter for NBN Television.

She also released her own series in 2002 called “The Little Things.” It’s an instructional series all about raising kids. She’s also written two books similar in nature called “Feeding Fussy Kids” and “The Simple Things: Creating an Organised Home, a Happy Family and A Life Worth Living.”

She married Angus Hawley in 1996 and had four children together. Her marriage ended in 2007 and Hawley passed away in 2015. She’s now married to Craig Marran, a businessman. They also have two kids together.

Antonia once shared a picture with her daughter Lucia. Her daughter looks just like Nicole Kidman in the sweet image. Antonia wrote, “First born. There’s something powerful about the connection with a first child. It’s not favoritism or anything of that nature. Rather, I think it’s because there is a period of time where there are no other beings vying for your love and attention and your focus and devotion is entirely to them.”

Nicole Kidman and Sister Relationship

Hugh Grant, who starred in “The Undoing” with Nicole Kidman, recalled the relationship between the Kidman sisters.

He met Kidman for the first time at a dinner in the mid-90s. She was with her then-husband Tom Cruise and her sister, Antonia.

The two are so close, especially growing up, that they communicate in a secret language.

“What I remember most was that she was very nice, charming, but when she spoke to her sister, she spoke in a secret language. And I said, ‘Excuse me, are you speaking in a secret language?’ And they both said, ‘Yes’ … It’s weird, it sort of goes ‘eggy-peggy this, eggy-peggy that,’ and they still do it … I’ve always liked her, she’s a silly Aussie girl,” Grant said to Entertainment Weekly.

Nicole Kidman is 54 and 51, meaning the two are only three years apart.