Bergen Williams, Who Portrayed Big Alice on ‘General Hospital,’ Dies at 62

by Amy Myers

Sad news reaches the General Hospital community today, as actress Bergen Williams has passed away at age 62. Better known for her role as “Big Alice” on the hit soap opera, Williams graduated from a background player to a scene-stealing star on the series.

The General Hospital star’s sister released the news of her tragic death earlier today. According to Williams’ family, she passed away from “the ravages of Wilson’s disease, which is “a rare inherited disorder that causes copper to accumulate in one’s liver, brain and other vital organs,” per Soap She Knows.

Her appearance on the show began in 2002 and lasted until 2014. During her 13-year stint on the show, fans knew her for her quick wit and no-nonsense attitude. When she wasn’t starring in the series, she also appeared on other big-time series such as Nip Tuck, 7th Heaven and Scrubs.

Fans also remember Willaims on General Hospital for her affection towards Luke Quartermaine. Of course, this ultimately led to her rivalry with his wife, Tracy, after their wedding. The character even went so far as to wear black to the ceremony, as if marking the death of her romance with the former bachelor.

“Big Alice” also had a health scare of her own on the series in Williams’ final year on the show. After suffering a heart attack, Tracy Quartermaine put their differences aside to find Alice a heart transplant. Thankfully, the former nemesis was able to track down the heart of a deceased mobster. The operation was a success and Alice survived. However, the incident did cause her to resign from her position as the Quartermaine maid. Her departure was certainly an emotional one, as she became a valued member of the General Hospital family.

The More Powerful Side of ‘General Hospital’ Character ‘Big Alice’

While she was “Big Alice” to the Quartermaine family, Bergen Williams’ character was known as “The Dominator” to her fellow wrestlers. General Hospital gave Williams quite the complex and vibrant role. So, when she wasn’t tending to the family’s every need, she was in the ring, facing off as one of the most formidable wrestlers in the area.

Even during her health scare, Big Alice showed her dedication to the world of wrestling. In order to help keep her spirits high as they searched for a heart donor, Tracy Quartermaine invited Alice’s favorite WWE wrestler to the hospital. Soon enough, David Otunga enters the room. At the end of the visit, Alice got a signed copy of a magazine that featured Otunga on the cover. The small yet significant point in the plotline showed just how much Alice treasured her time in the ring. She knew she likely wouldn’t be able to wrestle again. However, the support from her personal hero meant that she would always be a part of the community.