‘Beverly Hillbillies’: Where is the Clampetts’ Original Truck Today?

by Joe Rutland

Classic TV viewers have seen “The Beverly Hillbillies” opening with the Clampetts driving into Beverly Hills. Where is the truck today?

Well, put the kids in the car and head toward Point Lookout, Mo. Look for the Ralph Foster Museum and, faster than you can say “well doggies,” there it is. The museum is on the campus of the College of the Ozarks.

That car is the real deal, used in the CBS sitcom. In fact, you can sit on the truck and have your picture taken. It will cost you $20, though, according to the museum. Imagine getting your photo right where Jed Clampett [Buddy Ebsen], Granny [Irene Ryan], Jethro Bodine [Max Baer Jr.], and Elly May Clampett [Donna Douglas] also sat.

Why is the truck there? If you remember, Jed lived in the Ozarks. Once he struck oil on his land, though, life changed and got better and stranger for “The Beverly Hillbillies.” They had trouble at first figuring out the doorbell, obviously. Then what do you do with a big watering hole in the backyard, too?

The truck, though, always showed up right at the front door. So for you “The Beverly Hillbillies” fans looking for a summer road trip, then there’s one for you to take right now.

‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Star Was 30 Years Old When Show Debuted On CBS

Now that you have the 4-1-1 on the family truck, let’s move along and talk a bit about Douglas. She played Elly May throughout the entire nine-season run of “The Beverly Hillbillies” on CBS.

Elly May would turn fellas’ heads left and right, but she was a pure tomboy through and through. She held her own whenever Jethro started smart-mouthing around her, too. Elly May grabbed his arm and flipped him on his back.

That was a pretty good move for Douglas, who was 30 years old when the series debuted in 1962. Douglas was a Louisiana native. Once “The Beverly Hillbillies” was canceled in 1971, she turned her focus toward different things in life. Douglas got involved in real estate and even became a gospel singer, too.

Douglas died on Jan. 1, 2015, at 82 years old. Baer Jr. is now the only living original cast member at 83 years old.

‘Twilight Zone’ Episode Features Two Classic TV Stars In Roles

By the way, as a classic TV fan, you probably have watched “The Twilight Zone.” Make sure and catch one episode where Douglas teamed up with another TV icon, Carol Burnett.

Now it happened to be before Burnett would get her CBS variety show. Still, the episode should be put under a must-watch category. It’s called “Cavender Is Coming” and aired in the series’ third season.

Douglas played a debutante. Burnett played Agnes Grep, a woman struggling to live in a large city. A guardian angel named Harmon Cavender, played by veteran character actor Jesse White, can earn his wings if he gives Agnes some help.

You never know where you will find an actor from “The Beverly Hillbillies” on TV.