‘Big Sky’ Adds Tons of New Cast To the Show

by Joe Rutland

“Big Sky” has decided to get, well, bigger as more cast members are joining the ABC show for its final six first-season episodes.

Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey and Omar Metwally, all who have had roles on high-profile shows, will appear on “Big Sky” in recurring roles.

The David E. Kelley crime drama is based on the book written by C.J. Box. It weaves a story around private detective Cassie Dewell, played by Kylie Burnbury, and former cop Jenny Hoyt, played by Katheryn Winnick. They team together to look for two sisters kidnapped by a truck driver on a Montana road.

They soon discover that this woman isn’t the only one taken by the driver. This sets them off on a race to keep him from capturing another woman in a sex-trafficking scheme.

All five new cast members join Ted Levine as ranch owner Horst Kleinsasser and Kyle Schmid as second-born son John Wayne Kleinsasser.

‘Big Sky’ Adds New Twists To Story With Characters

Forbes will play Margaret Kleinsasser, the mother role in “Big Sky.” She’ll appear to be a kind, warm ranch wife on the surface but underneath there’s a toughness.

Robertson tackles the role of daughter Cheyenne Kleinsasser. At one time, she was a Daddy’s girl but now she’s full of some bad experiences after getting out in the world.

Raymond-James portrays Blake Kleinsasser, the first-born son, who turned his back on the family. Upon heading out to join big-city life, he comes back home as one bad drunk. He finds himself swallowed up in the family dramatics again.

Dorsey tackles younger son Rand Kleinsasser, who is a mixture of intellect and intensity. He loves and hates his mother, so that will be part of the storyline.

Metwally portrays Deputy U.S. Marshal Frank Lindor, “a bounty hunter with a pension.” His brash demeanor comes out but uses it as a way to keep a distance from people.

ABC Likes ‘Big Sky’ Ratings, Might Renew For 2nd Season

Now “Big Sky” happened to get a boost from ABC with six new episodes, which started airing this week. The network gave the Kelley series the go-ahead on these new shows. Plus, there’s even hope that a second season will be confirmed by the network if the show’s ratings remain good.

Back in December, its midseason finale pulled strong ratings and totaled just under 4 million viewers. The most recent episode, which aired earlier this week, also held those numbers pretty well. There was a little dip in viewership, yet “Big Sky” retained its 0.6 ratings number. Steady viewership helps a show get potentially renewed by a network.

There are people who will put a show on their DVR and watch it later. When those DVR numbers were put together with live, in-the-moment viewers, ratings really hit upward for the series.

Kelley is hoping the addition of these new cast members will add more credence to keeping “Big Sky” on ABC’s network schedule for a second season.

H/T: Deadline