‘Big Sky’: Episode 9 ‘Let It Be Him’ Previewed with New Photos

by Katie Maloney

Big Sky teased episode nine and now we can’t get enough.

Big Sky hasn’t failed to keep us on edge all season, and it looks like they’re raising the bar even higher for episode nine. The show released a teaser trailer for the episode along with some photos and now we cannot wait to tune in on Tuesday.

Big Sky episode 9 trailer.
While knocking on doors and searching for clues, Cassie unexpectedly comes face-to-face with Ronald, which puts her in danger and triggers her memory from the pair’s prior meeting. (Darko Sikman via Getty Images) Big Sky
Tune in for a new episode of Big Sky on Tuesday at 9 p.m. CT on ABC. (Darko Sikman via Getty Images)

What’s Happened On Big Sky So Far?

Before we get too hyped about episode nine, let’s recap what’s happened so far.

Two sisters, Danielle and Grace were kidnapped by a long-haul trucker named Ronald Pergman. He’s working with a state trooper named Rick Legarski in a sex trafficking ring. The girls were being held with Jerrie, who was kidnapped from a truck stop right before them.

Luckily, Danielle’s boyfriend’s parents, Cody and Jenny, are both involved in law enforcement. So, he calls them, along with Cody’s partner Cassie, and gets them on the case. But Cody is killed by Rick when he gets too close, and Jenny and Cassie are left to search for the killer themselves. Cassie finally tracks Rick down just as he’s moved Danielle, Grace, and Jerry. She shoots him in the head, but he survives. Ronald is paranoid about getting caught and ends up killing his mother and a priest. He even kidnaps a little boy, after the boy recognizes him. Ronald is holding the boy in a cage. However, the little boy manages to grab a staple gun and uses it on Ronald.

During the trailer for episode nine, it seems like the team is finally ready to take down Ronald. But, what they soon discover is that he was already prepared for them to arrive and wired his house with explosives. In conclusion, our adrenaline will be pumping just as much in episode nine as it has all season. Tune in Tuesday night on ABC at 9 p.m. CT.