‘Big Sky’: Fans, Cast Left Wondering About Ronald’s Escape Attempt in Episode 9

by Jon D. B.

Big Sky: Episode 9 ‘Let It Be Him’ has fans up in arms over Ronald’s actions. If you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode, then beware of major spoilers!

Viewers adrenaline is off the charts as Ep. 9 blows through twist after twist. During Episode 9, it feels like the team is finally ready to take down Ronald. They soon discover, however, that he was fully ready for their arrival. As such, he wired his house with explosives. Then, on the Tuesday night, 9 p.m. CT. episode, *spoiler alert* RONALD ESCAPES! Or does he?

How? How could he? Fans have no idea, and they’re absolutely losing their minds over it on Twitter. To this end, iHeart_TYland tweets the question on everyone’s mind: “Ronald is just too smart cause anybody want to enlighten me on how the hell he get out that house?”

“I have so many questions. Where was this car? How did he get out? Did he leave before the police got there? When did he set up the booby traps?” the brilliantly named Snack_Panther tweets after.

Moreover, Claireesa tweets “So on the timeline- Ronald had to be gone long before the cops pulled up.” Right? Right…

Another Big Sky viewer tweets: “When #Ronald decided to go on a crime spree he forgot he probably shouldn’t be driving the car of the Priest he just murdered. They know the Priest has a Tesla and they know the license plate! Oh Ronald! Lol.”

Is Ronald Actually In the Tesla After Big Sky Ep. 9 Escape?

Several replies agree, thinking it’s not Ronald at all in the car still. Quite a few tweets under #BigSky point out that the priest’s black tesla Ronald is driving is, in fact, a model capable of self-driving. Is the car driving itself while Ronald is elsewhere?

“Do y’all think that that is him driving that car still? They’re not showing him in the inside being chased” ponders ReelLover.

“I don’t think so…” agrees iHeart_TYland, coming back into the fray.

Viewer Thomas, too, thinks it’s not Ronald. “I bet that’s not Ronald In the car…” he tweets.

Meanwhile, Big Sky’s official Twitter account is just casually asking fans if they think Ronald can be stopped…

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