‘Big Sky:’ Here’s Who Died in Episode 9

by Max Long

In Season 1, Episode 9 of ABC’s hit show “Big Sky,” fans got quite a plot twist. The show has seen several deaths in recent episodes, but the most recent episode saw one major player die.

Ronald had been the main reason for the violence in the past episodes, but tonight saw a new catalyst.

Rick Legarski was in the hospital and suffering from “amnesia.” Rick was the one character who seemingly could lead the police to Ronald, but that would all be for naught in episode 9.

His wife, Merrilee, was attempting to jog his memory by singing songs that he used to sing to her. Merrilee believed Rick’s memory had returned, but fans never got the answer to that question.

Merrilee sings, “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly… I don’t know why she swallowed a fly… perhaps she’ll die… I don’t know why she married the fly.”

Rick is seen in an earlier episode of Big Sky dreaming about nearly killing his wife with a hammer as she slept.

Merrilee had clearly put the pieces together in her head and thought this through. She approaches Rick in his hospital bed with the same hammer Rick had and bludgeoned him to death with it. Watch the clip from Big Sky’s official account below.

Additionally in “Big Sky” episode 9, Ronald booby traps his house while anticipating a heavy police presence. Two police officers are shot as they break down the door. Their fate is unknown, though fans aren’t expecting a follow-up as they were not major characters.

Big Sky Drama Continues

In addition to the death of Rick Legarski, Ronald continues slipping further and further into madness. He managed to escape his booby-trapped house, to the confusion of all viewers, with Erik in tow. Erik is, of course, the newspaper boy who Cassie, Jenny, and the police were looking for.

Fans were certainly thankful Erik was safe at the end of the episode. Ronald’s whereabouts remain unknown, but it seems he’s headed out of town. The search for Ronald will continue, and without Rick’s help, who knows how Cassie, Jenny and the law will find him.