‘Big Sky’: Rick Legarski Takes Lie Detector in Episode 8 Sneak Peek

by Evan Reier

If you’ve been relatively up-to-date with ABC show Big Sky, you’ll know that Officer Rick Legarski is, or was (?), a very bad dude.

Child trafficker, murderer, liar, many titles fit Legarski. However, “sufferer of amnesia” appears to be one as well after the Montana State Trooper was shot in the head by protagonist and local badass Cassie.

After finding Danielle, Grace and Jerrie in the basement of the All-In, Cassie confronts Legarski. While she initially struggles to pull the trigger, she goes through with it, with her and the audience expecting the corrupt cop to eat it.

Not quite.

Episode 7 shows Legarski not only coming out of a coma, but regaining consciousness. That being said, he doesn’t know who shot him. He also doesn’t seem to know anything about his dastardly deeds. Convenient, but plausible.

Like the audience, characters are immediately doubtful of Rick Legarski and his amnesia. The next logical step?

A lie detector.

To see the sneak peek clip, head to TVline.com.

Rick Legarski Takes a Lie Detector Test

We don’t get much in the clip of Legarski, bandaged and bed-ridden, in terms of character reaction. What we do get to see is Legarski and his lawyer, Penelope Denesuk.

While we’re unsure what the readings on the lie detector test mean, the graph is steady. Whether he is lying or really suffering memory loss, it’s consistent in his answers.

He can’t believe the idea he would shoot Grace, or that anyone would. In fact, his goofy amnesia brain wants to talk about shooting bull elk. While we do love a good bull elk hunt ourselves, clearly it’s either a distraction or his current state doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

Either way, Denesuk is standing in the corner quietly observing and making us wonder exactly what play she’s making. We learned last week that she does not mess around, and is focused on getting Legarski away as clean as possible.

Let’s just go ahead and thank the higher powers that be for only dropping this clip on us shortly before the new Episode 8. Cause this doesn’t seem to get us any closer on exactly what’s real and what’s acting with Rick Legarski.