‘Big Sky’: Ronald Is on a Short Leash in New Trailer

by Megan Molseed

Things are “getting messy” on Big Sky and fans are excited!

Last week, the second season of the wildly exciting second season of ABC’s mystery drama series Big Sky premiered. And, of course, this premiere long-awaited premiere brought with it some twists and turns.

Twists and turns as only the popular ABC drama can deliver them!

While the season two premiere event left us on the edge of our seats, a recent Twitter post from the Big Sky showrunners tells us that there is so much more to come in the upcoming season.

From new mysteries to continued storylines, it’s clear fans of the hit ABC series are in for a treat this season. Especially as we wait for one of season one villains, Ronald, to finally get what is coming to him.

And, Tuesday’s Twitter post gives us a little taste of what we can expect in the new season as recently released scenes are showing a chained-up Ronald who is now left at the mercy of Wolfgang Legarski.

Good Morning Ronald!

“What do we have here?” the Tuesday afternoon Twitter post asks.

The post includes a video that takes us into the upcoming October 7 episode, as well as further into the season.

The first thing we see in the teaser video?

Ronald…as he is held captive, kept on a short leash by a fairly familiar face.

“Goood morning Ronald,” Wolfgang Legarski says as he opens the door to a tied-up and disheveled Ronald in the video shared on the Twitter post.

“I’m going to kill you,” Ronald responds.

Clearly, this was not a good response to the good-morning wish as Wolfgang responds by throwing Ronald’s breakfast into the make-shift cell, telling the human trafficker that he is being a “bad dog.”

‘Big Sky’ Brings Back Big Storylines

Towards the end of the Big Sky season two teaser, we see the duo again. As Wolfgang slams a tied-up Ronald to the ground on a dusty ranch.

“This is basic law of the jungle stuff,” Wolfgang tells his prisoner as he holds Ronald down.

Of course, being a Legarski, he has to add a bit of crazy to the exchange, letting out a hearty laugh, followed by a wolf-like howl.

The recent post was a great teaser for Big Sky fans who waiting to see what happens to Ronald this season, primarily what it is exactly that Wolfgang Legarski has in store for him this season.

However, there is also so much more to the Tuesday afternoon teaser.

The video includes so much more than ‘just’ Ronald and Legarski to the mysteries Cassie and Jenny will be uncovering this season. Not a surprise, though. Because, of course, there is always A LOT going on in Big Sky!