‘Big Sky’: Ronald Shaves His Head and Has a Totally New Look

by Matthew Wilson

Blondes may have more fun. But brunettes escape the long arm of the law. At least, that’s what “Big Sky” villain Ronald is hoping for.

During the latest episode, the trucker traded-in his blonde locks for a newly shaved, dark-haired look. We would say it was a dramatic transformation. But Ronald’s hair was always on the shorter side and darker blonde anyway. Perhaps, a beard or a facial tattoo might have been more concealing. After all, it doesn’t appear his new look stopped him from being close to capture by the end of the “Big Sky” episode.

The new-look does provide a nice visual change as Ronald’s fortunes have swung wildly. With his partner Rick in a coma in the hospital, Ronald becomes anxious that he will be soon discovered. Now that Rick is awake from his headshot wound, Ronald fears his partner will turn him in.

Ronald Tries to Avoid Capture on ‘Big Sky’

This anxiety makes Ronald take steps to try to avoid being caught. Ronald changes his hair color and repaints the rig on his truck. He also murders his own mother in a move that is as shocking as it is savage. Perhaps poor Helen was never long for this world with a son like Ronald. But when she threatened to turn Ronald into the police, the trucker snapped and murdered her in a fit of rage.

There was more than just a new hair-do for Ronald on the latest “Big Sky” installment. Among his other crimes, Ronald has blood on his hands. And he’s acting wildly in an attempt to avoid being caught. The trucker is no longer in control of the situation, and that makes him more dangerous than ever. Will Rick be the next one in his crosshairs? Ronald does have a thing for Rick’s wife, which would make it as much a crime of passion as his next calculated move.

Of course, Ronald has his hands full before then. His new look didn’t stop surviving victim Grace from drawing a sketch that authorities recognized as him. While visiting Rick’s wife to retrieve incriminating evidence from upstairs, Ronald finds himself potentially trapped. Both Jenny and Cassie arrive at the house with a sketch in hand. A surprised Merrilee tells them Ronald is upstairs. And that’s where “Big Sky” leaves viewers until next time.