‘Big Sky’: Show Writer Teases Fate of Legarski After Massive Twist

by Quentin Blount

The ABC crime drama Big Sky is back and we recently got some inside information about what happens to Rick Legarski after he was shot in the head.

The popular show made its return on Tuesday night with the winter premiere. And in the meantime, it picked up right where it left off with Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) rescuing the three kidnapped girls after shooting Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) in the head.

One of the show’s writers, Maria Sten, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview. During it, she answers questions about the fate of Legarski after the massive twist.

After being shot in the head, everyone made the assumption that Legarski wouldn’t make it. However, the last moments of the episode show him opening his eyes. As such, Sten comments on what comes next.

“There’s a lot of tests and medical whatnot that he probably has to undergo, but we pride ourselves on being a show that continues to deliver on the promise of twists and turns and the unexpected,” Sten replies. “With regard to his still being in the running and still being a threat, it just gives us more drama, more juice.

“It gives Cassie and Jenny something to combat just when they thought that they had finished the job and they got the girls to safety. They still have a big baddie that they need to combat and defeat. And then there are other questions that come up [like], what are his mental capabilities at this point?”

Sten Answers More Questions About ‘Big Sky’

Big Sky’s Maria Sten answers additional questions during her interview with Entertainment Weekly. One of those questions was about how much might this reveal might complicate things for Cassie and Jenny.

“We left it that way so that hopefully people will tune in to episode 7 and see how the hell are they going to get over this?” Sten says. “How the hell are they going to get rid of this guy who continues to just be a thorn in their side?”

EW asks the same question but this time in regard to Ronald.

“Ronald and Legarski’s relationship at this point is fairly contentious, and Ronald has his own agenda. The guy who sort of made him this tool is now his enemy,” Sten explains. “They’re at odds. There a lot of things for Ronald to get into, he has to cover his bases. He has to close the loop and tie off the loose ends, so hopefully, we’re starting the year off with drama and lots of things to get into in the next couple of episodes.”

Asked if she could tease what would happen in the next episode, Sten reveals that things will get “even crazier.”

“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies. I can say that things with Rick and Ronald are about to get even crazier. That is as much as I can say.”

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